Tuesday, 5 June 2012

CFNM Beach House

Don't know about you guys, but Summer always makes me feel kind of dreamy, kind of lazy … Oh, and kind of horny. Moods all reflected in my latest story, CFNM BEACH HOUSE - Cassie Caine going back to basics. It has its moments of hardcore action, but mainly it's about the sweet, gentle pleasures of CFNM. A sunny beach, two pretty young girls in bikinis, and the way they tease and fondle a naked guy until his cock feels like it's going to blast into outer space. What could be nicer?

As my regular readers will know by now, I have serious Daddy issues, so I've made the guy middle-aged and slightly the worse for wear. Personally, one of my major turn-ons is the idea of mature peeps with less than perfect physiques being dominated and forced to strip by young hotties. (And not just in CFNM – in CFNF, too, I think it's so scorchio when the NF is older and more average than the CF.) Still, the guy in the story may be on the old side, but that doesn't stop him having a nice big dick, which gets very hard indeed as those naughty girls scrutinize his bits and bobs.

After keeping thing simple (but hopefully very sexy) this time round, for my next outing I'm planning on changing things up a bit with an historical setting and touches of fantasy. But don't worry, the guys will still be blue-bollock naked.

Anyways, details below, as always, and you can find Chapter One of CFNM BEACH HOUSE on the Samples page. 

Lovely twins Cat and Nat pay a weekend visit to lonely, middle-aged Dominic, one of their mother's ex-boyfriends, at his isolated beach house. Nearby is a small, secluded bay frequented by naturists. Inspired by this coincidence, the girls decide that it would be good for Dominic's health if he should spend the weekend in the nude. Unable to resist, Dominic is soon stripped naked and sporting a massive erection. Cue some CFNM – Clothed Female Nude Male – fun as the two beauties ogle his mature body and rigid cock. Then it's time to get out the strap-on and give his 45-year-old bottom a good, hard pegging.

With sun, sea, sand, two gorgeous bikini-clad girls and an older man totally exposed and in a state of constant arousal, this is CFNM at its dreamy, sexy best. More cutting-edge erotica from Cassie Caine, author of CFNM GODDESS, CFNM LITTLE DICK and ANNA AND HER MASTER.

Warning: this story contains explicit sexual imagery
Length: 10,900 approx (short novella)
Available from Amazon Amazon for $2.99 approx