Friday, 4 April 2014

1st draft of my new CFNM novel finally finished

I've been neglecting this blog a bit over the last week because I've been trying to put the first draft of my new CFNM novel to bed. And the good news is, I've finally gotten there, hooray. Following Stephen King's advice that a writer should always move forward, like a shark, I've written it fast and written it hard. Fingers crossed it's turned out okay.

In case your wondering what my working methods are, before I even attempted a first draft, I began by penning a lengthy synopsis (keeping track of who puts what where). Then I put a summary of each individual chapter on a separate card - a tip I picked out of a screenwriting manual, which is very handy because you can juggle around the order of the chapters if there's a problem with the flow of your story.

Now for the second draft. This is where I give serious thought to important stuff such as what the characters are wearing, and put in little details such as colours and smells (something I tend to forget all about if I'm not careful. My books wouldn't make very interesting reading for dogs).

Hopefully, this won't take me more than a couple of weeks, meaning I should have the novel ready by mid to late April. In the meantime, do please keep an eye on this blog for pix, vids, promos and other ramblings.

Okay, folks, please excuse me, time to get cracking on Chapter One - again...