In her late 40s, Jessica Fraser, ex-swimwear model, is still drop-dead gorgeous, but she's also painfully shy, a bit depressed, and it doesn't help that her marriage seems to have lost its spark. She badly needs something to lift her out of her doldrums. And she finds it when she attends a lively annual get-together with some old friends from the fashion world. The theme – CFNM, or Clothed Female Nude Male.

A few drinks, a couple of zero calorie canap├ęs and several handfuls of muscular young flesh later, Jessica is hooked. But what does this mean for Adam, the young gardener who is secretly harbouring a crush on her back at home? And can Jessica really put aside her self-doubts and embrace being a CFNM Cougar?

A witty sex comedy from Cassie Caine, the author of CFNM GODDESS, ADVENTURES OF A NUDE ART MODEL and BLONDE SPANKS BRUNETTE.

Length: 60,000 words approx (novel)

Warning: Contains adult material
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When her friend Jess drags her along to watch the World Naked Bike Ride, shy teenager Kelly is initially nervous of all the male flesh on show. But then she finds herself posing for photographs next to the handsome Ian, whose girlfriend Samantha is so impressed, she invites Kelly to model for their CFNM website. Meanwhile, with both teens becoming ardent converts to the fetish of Clothed Female Nude Male, they set about stripping some of their male friends, including wimpy little dick Darren and hunky Greg.

With cocks big and small being fondled, and guys young and old being forced to expose every inch of themselves, this is a light-hearted CFNM tale with something for everyone. It's also the uplifting story of a sensitive, lovely teen who learns that she was put on this earth to make men grovel. Another sizzling slice of erotica from CASSIE CAINE, author of ANNA AND HER MASTER and CASTLE OF CFNM.

Adults only: contains graphic sexual imagery
Length: 19,000 words approx (short novella)


Turning forty leaves timid librarian Sophie feeling as though something is lacking in life. So when the brilliant and glamorous young artist Clodagh suggests that she should pose nude for her new figure drawing class, Sophie overcomes her nerves and agrees. She soon discovers that being naked in front of strangers is the thrill she has been looking for, and the more exposed she is, the more she likes it. But what will her inquisitive 18-year-old daughter think of her new hobby?

The first part of Sophie's ongoing adventures in artistic nudity, this is a slow-burning, gently humorous exploration of the pleasure of baring all for art, and a serious attempt to describe the erotic and spiritual appeal of life drawing classes. It's for fans of exhibitionism, mature nudity, NIP (nude in public,) OON (only one naked,) CFNF (Clothed Female Nude Female) and CYNM (Clothed Younger Nude Mature.) And CASSIE CAINE hopes it will encourage others to shed their inhibitions and become nude art models.

Warning: contains explicit references to full frontal nudity.
Length: 26,000 words approx (short novella)
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On a journey through the Carpathians in the early 1900s, Silas Kettering and his two lovely daughters, Nina and Irma, are forced to take shelter from a storm in Castle Norbad. That night, all three have wonderful adventures into CFNM – Clothed Female Nude Male. Fat, elderly Silas is stripped and dominated by a pair of cute, bubbly twins. Irma finds a nearly naked young man in a dungeon … but will she release him or continue his torture? And 18-year-old Nina can't resist visiting the Count's chamber in the hope of feasting her eyes on his nude flesh.

By the time dawn comes, dicks big and little have been teased until they explode, male bottoms have been bared, inspected, spanked and thoroughly pegged, and these prim Edwardians have learned the delights of female domination and male nudity. A first foray into historical erotica for Cassie Caine, author of CFNM GODDESS, ANNA AND HER MASTER and a host of other intelligently filthy titles.

Length: 20,000 words approx (short novella)
Warning: Adults only. This book contains explicit subject matter and imagery.
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Lovely twins Cat and Nat pay a weekend visit to lonely, middle-aged Dominic, one of their mother's ex-boyfriends, at his isolated beach house. Nearby is a small, secluded bay frequented by naturists. Inspired by this coincidence, the girls decide that it would be good for Dominic's health if he should spend the weekend in the nude. Unable to resist, Dominic is soon stripped naked and sporting a massive erection. Cue some CFNM – Clothed Female Nude Male – fun as the two beauties ogle his mature body and rigid cock. Then it's time to get out the strap-on and give his 45-year-old bottom a good, hard pegging.

With sun, sea, sand, two gorgeous bikini-clad girls and an older man totally exposed and in a state of constant arousal, this is CFNM at its dreamy, sexy best. More cutting-edge erotica from Cassie Caine, author of CFNM GODDESS, CFNM LITTLE DICK and ANNA AND HER MASTER.

Warning: this story contains explicit sexual imagery
Length: 10,900 approx (short novella)
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Disillusioned with marriage to the beautiful but frosty Bella, Steven gains a new lease of life when he encounters tranny stripper Rosie at a friend's stag night. One glimpse of her petite body and tiny she-cock is enough to give him a massive hard-on. He's soon making full use of the lovely, submissive little dicked ladyboy. But then Bella finds out and wants a piece of Rosie too …

Sweet Rosie's little dick is really made to jiggle as her cute backside is pounded first by Steven's cock and then by Bella's strap-on. Whether you want to feel like a real man or a real woman, there's nothing like a LITTLE DICK TRANNY. Another slice of explicit, cutting-edge erotica for the discerning reader from Cassie Caine, author of CFNM GODDESS and ANNA AND HER MASTER.

Warning: this book contains explicit sexual imagery

Length: 12,650 words approx (short novella)

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The Bitch Goddess is back with a vengeance in this saucy sequel to CFNM LITTLE DICK. While her boyfriend Norbert is away over Easter, teen sadist Imogen amuses herself by reducing shy, underendowed university lecturer Adrian Kent to new levels of abject naked slavery. She also reunites with an old conquest, Hal from Texas, and seduces a shy sissy boy named Charlie, introducing him to the delights of CFNM – Clothed Female Nude Male – as well as the pleasures of donning women's underwear. Her strap-on dildo and boar-bristle brush have never been more in demand as she gets busy making these little dicks jiggle.

Because little dick men must be naked slaves – it's Imogen's law.

Spankings, strap-on play, cock and ball torture, unusual anal insertions, these boys get just what they deserve – and all delivered with a winning smile from the adorable Bitch Goddess.

With a delightfully domineering young heroine, three totally exposed men and a parade of tiny willies, CFNM LITTLE DICK 2  is another instalment of cutting-edge femdom erotica from the author of CFNM GODDESS and ANNA AND HER MASTER.

Warning: this story contains explicit sexual imagery.

Length: 16,300 words approx (short novella)

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It's been a long, dull summer for Imogen, 18-year-old sadist and self-styled Bitch Goddess. So when her mother takes in a new lodger, shy, little dick university lecturer Adrian Kent, the seductive teen loses no time in stripping him naked and making him her plaything. She's soon having all kinds of evil fun with his two and a half inch appendage and soft bare backside. And just to add to Adrian's sufferings, the lovely Imogen is drawn to one of his foreign students, Norbert, a tall, handsome stud with a fondness for sexual experimentation.

Cue some wicked little dick humiliation, CFNM – Clothed Female Nude Male – action, sadistic spankings and vigorous strap-on play.

With an adorably twisted heroine and a nerdy male robbed of his clothes and his dignity, CFNM LITTLE DICK is a heady slice of femdom erotica from the author of CFNM GODDESS and ANNA AND HER MASTER.

Warning: This book contains explicit sexual imagery.

Length: 15,000 words approx (short novella)

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Having failed as a lingerie model, Crystal Jones becomes the plaything of talent agent Elliott de Vries, who ruthlessly exploits her masochistic tendencies, sequestering her in a Santa Monica apartment and beating her with the belts that are her ultimate fetish. Stunningly beautiful but shy and withdrawn, Crystal lets her sadistic master become her entire life.

But then Elliott tells her to seduce handsome Nick Paloumbas, the son of a New York media mogul. Crystal and Nick fall in love, but can Nick save her, or will she draw him into her perverse and corrupt world?

One thing is for sure, many painful and humiliating ordeals await Crystal in this intense erotic drama.

With explicit sadomasochistic action including spanking, whipping and choking, SLAVE TO THE BELT is perhaps the toughest and most uncompromising story yet from Cassie Caine, author of ANNA AND HER MASTER and CFNM GODDESS.

Warning: This book contains explicit sexual imagery.

Length: 24,500 words approx

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When shy, troubled Anna reluctantly attends an exclusive fetish event, she catches the eye of domineering but sensitive Oscar. Soon he's introducing her to the pleasures of kneeling at his feet and being soundly spanked across his knee. And then there's the state-of-the-art dungeon awaiting her in the basement of his luxury London home. Manacled, whipped and used in every orifice, Anna believes she is at last learning what it truly means to be loved. But what will her nosy friend Cleo and her boss, playboy philanthropist Nigel Duneden, make of Anna's descent into an orgy of masochism?

With drama, romance and a cat o' nine tails, ANNA AND HER MASTER is an explicit and passionate portrait of a dominant-submissive relationship from the author of CFNM PRINCESS and CFNM GODDESS.

Warning: Adults Only. This book contains explicit sexual imagery.

Length: 23,400 words (novella)

Avaible from Amazon Amazon for $3.50 approx.


When 19-year-old Michelle comes back home from college for the Christmas holidays, she's at a loose end. Until, that is, she attends a party where her brother's friend Brian strips naked as a forfeit. From that moment on, the lovely Michelle becomes obsessed with the fetish named CFNM – Clothed Female, Nude Male. She hatches a plan to see Brian naked again, and soon wants total control over his body … especially his bare backside. Well, what man could resist this sweet, imperious princess?

CFNM PRINCESS is both a hard-hitting erotic tale of a man's total surrender and a tender portrait of a girl's voyage of self-discovery.

Warning: Adults Only. This book contains explicit sexual imagery.

Length: 11,600 words (short novella)

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Up-and-coming fashion designer Penny Westlake plans on spending a few days alone at a friend's villa in Italy while she rethinks her new collection. But the 23-year-old beauty's mind turns from work to sex when she meets her nude neighbour, film composer Ben Michaels. The luxurious villa becomes their playground as they indulge in some kinky CFNM (Clothed Female, Nude Male) fun and Penny learns to use this submissive older man without mercy. Then the young, hot but ultra-serious movie director Paolo Martucci appears on the scene. Can the lovely Penny make this handsome hunk strip too?

La dolce vita, a stunning, chicly-dressed heroine and lots of bare male flesh – CFNM GODDESS has it all. It's a heady mix of witty writing and explicit sex from the author of CFNM PRINCESS.

Warning: Adults Only. This book contains explicit sexual imagery.

Length: 13,800 words (short novella)

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Skye works as a stripper in a rough London pub, but her world is turned upside down when she meets Simon, a wealthy older man and CFNM (Clothed Female, Nude Male) addict, who pays the lovely 19-year-old to sit and watch while he strips for her. Soon, Simon is introducing Skye to the pleasures of champagne, fine dining, five star hotels and the opera – CFNM style!

The gorgeous teen quickly develops a passion for the fetish, and for her naked sugar daddy. But how to take the relationship to the next level? Cue a sexy jaunt to the Seychelles … and a 9-inch strap-on …

With an adorable heroine, a cast of colourfully perverse characters, luxury locations and wickedly hot sex scenes, CFNM SUGAR DADDY is the most ambitious tale yet from CASSIE CAINE, author of CFNM PRINCESS and CFNM GODDESS.

Warning: Adults Only. This book contains explicit sexual imagery.

Length: 19,600 words approx (short novella)

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Ever obliging, Maisie agrees to run her aunt's quaint old bookshop while she's away. However, the lovely 22-year-old redhead soon gets strange requests from some of her customers – requests which bring out her latent exhibitionist tendencies. Whether it's modelling for an art class or meeting some senior citizens, her adventures always end with Maisie as the only one naked.

If you love CFNF (Clothed Female, Nude Female) fun and the idea of one person naked in a crowd, then you'll relish Cassie Caine's sparkling, witty and highly explicit stories, featuring the first two of Maisie's adventures into solo nudity.

Warning: Adults only. Features explicit sexual imagery.

Length: 11,000 words approx(two short stories)

Available from Amazon for $2.99 approx.