I must admit to be slightly curious upon purchasing this latest installment from Cassie, I had become far to used to the rather tepid and cliched writings of other erotic writers whose plots and stories trod the same tired trail, staid descriptions and no attention to detail.

Whether it is her youth or the fact that even though Cassie is undeniably an erotic writer she combines youthful innocence with a far more practiced kinky mind than one would expect for a woman of her age, but she manages to raise the stakes again in her latest novella.

Yes we have the beautiful young clothed female taking charge of helpless naked males who succumb to every bidding but there is something else, Penny is far more of a Sadist, somehow she is more polished, and more refined.

There are subtleties that mark Cassie out as different, her lack of vulgarity and her attention to the details of her location make a welcome change and the combination of chick lit and kink will certainly appeal to a wider audience.

CFNM Goddess is the natural progression for a young lady who is forging her career and if she contiunues along this pathway I envisage many more plaudits coming her way. 

5/5 "Welsh Prince" on Amazon UK


I loved this book! Cassie Caine's enthusiasm for CFNM really comes through in the story of Michelle as she discovers the excitement of holding power over a naked man. I think this is what makes CFNM so exciting for men like myself is the idea of women being as voyeuristic as ourselves and using men as sex objects. So reading about how much Michelle is aroused by what she is instigating is as much of a turn-on as the sex itself.

I have to admit that, while I love CFNM situations in general, I'm not actually that keen on the full-on humiliation, sissification and pegging which can accompany it. So it is a credit to the author's talent as a writer that when these elements appear in the story I didn't find it off-putting. I loved the character of Michelle which was expressed in these scenes, I was amused by the humorous details and I was held by the story as a story, wanting to know what was going to happen next.

And, while there were those scenes which involved things happening to the main male character that I wouldn't want to happen to me, there were also scenes which very much appealed to my own personal fantasies and which were extremely arousing. And there is a sweetness, playfulness and tenderness underneath it all which is very winning.

I'll definitely be reading more of Cassie Caine's writing.

5/5 "Aussie Scribbler" on Smashwords

I read this with an initial mixture of intrigue and trepidation, I had become far to used to erotic novel authors thinking the subject matter of kink was enough to forgo creative talent, for way too long eroticism seemed to attract the one track plot, and then along comes Cassie.

Like a breath of fresh air she has blown in with this novel and shown that eroticism can be fun as well as sexy, Brian falls under the spell of beautiful Michelle who discovers through Brian her true self, a journey of self discovery and acceptance written in a wonderfully light tone that proceeds at a pace that draws the reader in and right at the end leaves them wanting more.

Cassie has arrived on the scene with a real sense of purpose and I have a feeling that we will be seeing a lot more of her and I very much looking forward to seeing a lot more of Michelle.

5/5 "Welsh Prince" on Amazon UK

This was an interesting read. The fetish---CFNM (Clothed Female Naked Male) is one you don't see often written about as a topic of a story all by itself.

The heroine, Michelle, is a young student (who immensley enjoys taken picutres) home from her college studies and is "out of sorts a bit" (my phrase not the author's). She winds up at a party where, after losing a bet, she watches as the friend, Brian, strips and walks about the party. Something inside Michelle is excited by this man walking about naked, and she takes her camera and begins directing him to pose for her, taking pictures. His excitement is obvious....but Michelle also finds herself very intrigued.

Afterwards, she finds more about this out on, where else, but the internet. Of course Michelle and Brian and Brian's wife all again meet for another photos shoot in which Michelle takes charge.

The Ds in the story is not "conventional" BDSM but there is control and Domination. It is well done.

I felt that the Brian's wife dropped out of the story with no explanation and the story ended a bit abruptly.

However, maybe Cassie Cain will follow Michelle back to her university where she may explore her new found interest.

4/5 "Alex Connelly," Goodreads