Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Just to let you know my new ebook Naked Saturday is now available online. It's another bubbly sex comedy, this time with a campus setting. As you can probably guess, I enjoy mixing nudity with light-hearted themes, but I must confess I'm also thinking about pushing out of my comfort zone with my next couple of projects into darker territory. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this latest offering.

When student Fran runs short of college funds, she decides to make ends meet by becoming a nude life model. However, this means working with fearsome artist in residence Saturday Smith, who has a reputation for controversy and scandal. The challenging collaboration forces her to shed her inhibitions along with her clothes. And what impact will her part-time job have on her crush on Patrick, the heartthrob of the uni drama society? Another sparkling sex comedy from CASSIE CAINE, author of ONLY ONE NAKED and other witty tales of rampant exhibitionism.

Length: 16,600 worNakkdd novella

Friday, 22 September 2017

A Nude to a Kill - my new eBook

Well, it's been an absolute age, but I've finally returned with a new eBook, A Nude to a Kill. The reason for my long absence? Basically, life got in the way and I was tinkering around with a number of writing projects without quite having the time to finish any of them off.

Among other things, this new effort has a slight comedy adventure/mystery tinge. But at the same time there's still lashings of bare flesh plus only one naked/enf situations. And I hope you like the story's cute teen heroine.

Anyway, the good news is that I'm now firmly back in the writer's seat, and I'm already well under way with my next eBook, so hopefully this time it won't be too long a wait before it sees the light of day.

Here's the gist of my latest story, and read an excerpt below which introduces a fun subsidiary character, the posh, unscrupulous Arabella:

It's her first nude photo shoot. The setting: a remote beauty spot. Gorgeous teen model Tasha is understandably nervous to be baring all in front of a photography class made up of eccentrics and oddballs. And it doesn't help her jitters when the group comes under attack from a mysterious assailant. Mixing action, comedy and mystery with acres of bare flesh, A NUDE TO A KILL is the long-awaited return of Cassie Caine, author of ONLY ONE NAKED and ADVENTURES OF A NUDE ART MODEL.

Novella: 26,500 words

Clutching to her chest the glossy, luxuriously bound presentation folders that were going to transform all their fortunes, Arabella glanced anxiously at her watch. Despite the emotions boiling within her, she cut a cool, elegant figure. Slender and fair, she sported an Yves Saint-Laurent pencil skirt and a sleeveless blouse with just a hint of sheerness around the neckline. Her sleek ponytail showed off the aristocratic bones of her face, which framed a pair of steady grey eyes and a mouth which would have looked decidedly luscious if it weren't compressed with steely determination.
She'd only been standing there a few moments when she heard another car approaching. She readied a smile, then let her pretty face slip back to neutral as she recognised the dusty Volvo estate that pulled up alongside her immaculate sports car.

The man who jumped out didn't seem at all put off by the lack of welcome.

“Today's the day,” he said, flashing a big, horsey grin at her.

“Don't you have a better suit?”

“Sorry, love, you know dressing to impress isn't in my skill set. I leave that kind of thing to you.”
Arabella glanced at him critically. Gavin was her man on the council, the person who greased the wheels and smothered discord before it even began. All for a healthy backhander of course. And as the owner of The Robin and Wren tavern just down the road, he stood to gain big time from increased foot traffic to the area. She knew for a fact that he already had plans to expand the premises and bring in a celebrity chef.

In his mid thirties, he was handsome in a crude, thuggish kind of way. A messy divorce and an alcohol problem hadn't stopped him from keeping lean and fit by playing soccer, although the drinking had left premature lines on his long, bony face. Like most men, he thought he was charming, but he had no idea how cheap he looked in that rumpled, off the peg suit and thin, stringy tie.

“So this is it?” He took one of the presentation folders. Flipping through the thick, creamy pages, he inclined his head towards her. She thought he was going to say something about the quality of the printing. Instead, scarcely lowering his voice, he confided, “I could totally fuck the shit out of you right now.”

“Are you mad? Florian's going to be here any second.”

“No, he's not. I just got off the phone with him. He's about twenty minutes behind.”

“Then we've got time to go over everything again.”

“What for? You know the spiel back to front: public and private sectors working hand in hand yadda yadda … Just show him the view and the folder, then we'll take him back to my place for a champagne lunch. No need to make a whole song and dance out of it. Come on, let's do it in the bushes like those doggers you're always going on about.”

“Christ, you're insane. Haven't you noticed there's a van here too?”

“Tourist party? Brilliant. Adds to the thrill, doesn't it?”

She wriggled out of the way as he flopped a long arm over her shoulder. He laughed, but there was a petulant note in his voice as he said, “You know, I'm hearing a lot of excuses. Two can play at that game. Maybe I'll start giving you the runaround the next you phone up asking me to skirt some byelaw or regulation. I'm just saying that a wise and powerful businesswoman like yourself might want to keep her right hand man incentivised.”
He finished with a chuckle, but there was no mistaking the truculent cast to his features. Arabella stifled a sigh. The day would come when she would leave him in her dust, but right now she couldn't afford to alienate him.
Forcing a smile, she stepped closer and tugged playfully at his tie, swallowing a grimace as her fingers registered polyester. Ugh, seriously? It was like he went out of his way to have no class at all just to aggravate her.

“You're right,” she soothed, “maybe it would be fun. To be fair, I think a bit of loosening up is exactly what I need. What would I do without you, Gavin?”

“Luckily for you, you won't have to do without me. I'm not going anywhere, and nor are you. Apart from into those bushes, that is.”

Taking her hand, he hurried her through the entranceway. If she was going to have to have sex with this oik, she'd infinitely prefer to be in a nice, comfortable suite in a discreet boutique hotel, but Gavin clearly got off on the danger. She could tell as much from the raging hard-on that he pressed against her through their clothes as he backed her up against a tree.

She gave what she hoped sounded like a delighted gasp, ignoring the gritty feeling on her back as the bark flaked off on her delicate silk blouse.

“God, I've never met anyone who makes me as hard as you,” Gavin muttered gruffly. “Turn around.”
She did as commanded. Just in time she braced herself against the tree with her hands, preventing herself from being thrown forward as he shoved up her tight-fitting skirt. He squeezed her hard, boyish bottom through her skimpy lace underpants, then wrapped the gossamer fabric in his crude fingers and tugged downwards. This time she couldn't help but to gasp for real as she felt the freshness of country air and sunlight on her bare backside.

With a grunt, Gavin unzipped his flies and dropped his trousers, and his hard, heavy cock thwacked against her cheeks with an audible slap. Despite herself, Arabella felt a quiver of excitement that made her dig her fingernails into the tree trunk. She glanced back, and saw how monstrously swollen – “turgid” was the word that sprang to mind – his erection was as he rubbed it up and down against the cleft of her bottom preparatory to shoving it in.

Hunkering over her, he reached around, feeling for her clitoris. She buckled forward, and it was then he slipped into her pussy from behind, making her rise on tiptoe as he ploughed into her with urgent, jabbing thrusts. It wasn't exactly a flawless technique, but she had to admit that he got the job done as the world swam before her eyes. There were a thousand important things she had to remember and fix in her mind, but they flew off in all directions under the centrifugal force of this cataclysmic event.

“Tell me you want me in your mouth,” he growled.

“I do,” she murmured, not really listening.

“Say it!”

“I want you, Gavin!”

“Good enough!” He guided her down onto her knees, and she found herself looking up at the polished underbelly of Gavin's cock. She was just about to open wide when the sound of a car horn rent the air, followed shortly by the tinkling of Gavin's mobile phone.

“Fuck me,” said Gavin, “Florian's here.”

“Oh God!”

The next moments were filled with undignified scrambling as Gavin yanked his trousers up and Arabella hopped about trying to get her knickers back on. She was absolutely mortified. If all went as planned, this deal with Florian was undoubtedly the most important thing she would do in her entire life. And now she had potentially blown it, all because of that brute Gavin and his insatiable cock. She flashed him a look of pure hatred as she smoothed down her skirt.

“This is all your fault,” she hissed. “If you've fucked this up for me, I swear I'll cut your fucking balls off.”

“Calm down. It'll be fine. Here, let me brush you down, you've got a few twigs and things on you.”
“Don't bloody touch me!”

Gavin raised his eyebrows, then hurried ahead up the steps. “Florian, mate. Sorry to keep you! We were just checking out a stand of trees that needs cutting down. Apparently a few passers-by have been using it for – well, never mind what. How are you, you old mucker?”

Arabella took a moment to compose herself. Bloody Gavin! Typical of him to find the whole thing so amusing. But then he didn't really care about the deal, did he? Not the way she did. Corrupt as he was, money wasn't really the driving factor in his life. He liked it, but there was a limit to what he was prepared to do for it. No, he was involved in this for Arabella's sake. Because how else would a lout like him get his cloddish hands on a girl like her, a girl of her beauty and breeding?

In the long run, though, he must know he couldn't have her. Not to keep. Well, if he didn't understand that now, he would eventually. The first chance she got, she'd rid herself of him once and for all.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

CFNM Cougar Kindle Countdown Deal - 24 Sept to 1 Oct

Just to let you know that my full-length novel CFNM COUGAR will be available at a reduced price in a Kindle Countdown Deal on, from 24 September to 1 October, starting at only $1.99 (it usually retails at $6.99 approx.).

My most ambitious work to date, CFNM Cougar is about a fortysomething ex-swimwear model who is struggling in a shaky marriage, but finds herself rejuvenated when she's introduced to your and my favourite fetish. It has plenty of explicit action and bare male flesh, but also, I hope, an interesting and sympathetic heroine, lots of comedy and several tangled plot-strands which should keep you turning the pages. I haven't checked, but I'm assuming it must rank as one of the first proper novels about Clothed Female Nude Male ever written, so we're making literary history, guys and girls! Do please take advantage of the offer and snap up a copy.

Monday, 22 September 2014

The Forbidden Daughters (1927) a silent era stag film

Keeping with the retro theme of my recent posts, I just thought I'd bring you a link to a short one-reeler silent film from way back in 1927 - dawn of time stuff which a penpal on Fetlife drew to my attention. The one thing that always really depresses me about the past is the thought that no one got their end away or at the very least had the opportunity to ogle some beautiful naked bodies. Cheerily, this film seems to suggest that that's not the case at all. Who knew so many girls back in 1927 were willing to take all their clothes off? And not only is this little movie full of full-fronted naked girls, they're nice and smooth too - not a bush in sight! No naked guys, sigh, but you can't have everything I guess.

The plot, by the way... yes, it has a plot, kinda... the plot is to do with a young lady, Alva, who goes looking for her fiancé, who's gone and gotten himself lost in the African jungle somewhere and has been taken prisoner by an African princess. Trying to get the lowdown on his exact location, she visits a Rajah and gets a peek at his well-stocked harem...

These days, it's all very gigglesome, and if you've a mind to be offended, it will probably be at the racial stereotyping rather that the array of female flesh. But actually, I'm going to stick up for it and say I quite like it. From what I've seen of silent films, the women usually look like complete frights, and at least whoever made this managed to ensure that his actresses/models photograph nicely. Looking good for 90 years plus, girls!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Pamela Green, '50s nudie cutie

Vintage '50s erotica isn't, to be honest, an area that I know a great deal about, but one character who leaps out at me from the era is British nudie pin-up Pamela Green. She wasn't just a pin-up though. She also worked behind the scenes as a talented art director; she acted in Michael Powell's famous movie Peeping Tom; she was by all accounts a bright, intelligent lady who could have been a huge success whatever she decided to do with her life.

But what she did want to be with her life, though, is be nude for art - as a life model, for photographers, and even as a performer in various light-hearted nudie flicks. It seems to be have been something she opted for consciously and proudly rather than simply falling into it (back in the '50s, mind you!), and that makes her really stand out to me as an inspiring figure.

She's also a knockout, and created some really beautiful images. And she was even a pioneer of the clean-shaven look - not everyone's a fan of that of course, but it fit in with her passion for being totally bare. You can find out more about her on this website about her, and here's a link to more lovely pictures.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

The Beast and Immoral Tales - classic '70s erotica

Just been reading that a couple of classic '70s erotica movies have been released on Blu-ray this month - The Beast and Immoral Tales, both by the eccentric Polish director Walerian Borowczyk (try typing that with false nails!).

I haven't actually checked out the new releases, but they sound fab, very high-def and all that, and I have seen both movies before as part of my in-depth research into rude and nude. Tbh, neither film actually presses my fetish buttons to any great degree, but I do admire the way that they straddle the fine line beneath artiness and perviness.

If I remember right, Immoral Tales has the most nudity of the two (mainly female, with a glimpse of willy here and there), but my favourite is probably The Beast, because of a couple of scenes. The movie is set in a crumbly old mansion btw, lorded over by a evil count, who's trying to marry off his son to a comely young heirless who comes visiting to tie the knot. There's a nice bit where a girl (au pair? Maybe, I can't remember) is jumping the bones of a handsome black butler, and she grinds hard with her pelvis against his groin while his appendage (it's a big one!) is sliding around underneath her (strange how I remember that but not exactly what her job title is!).

The other bit I like is when the heirless goes haring around the house in the nuddy, slipping and sliding comically on the polished floors, and her aunt/governess or whatever comes out to comfort-dash-fondle her. For me, this particular scene ticks only one naked and clothed female nude female boxes, and hence it gives me a particular frisson. I also always appreciate it when people try to combine nudity with comedy - yes, naked people can make you smile :) Both films are very interesting though, and well worth checking out on blu. I'm sure those flesh tones look delish.


Thursday, 24 July 2014

Well, that took longer than expected

Yeah, sorry about that. There I was talking about a late April release date, and here we are in late July. What occurred? you ask. Well, um, there was the weather (I'm resenting any time I don't spend in a bikini - or less - at the mo). There was the World Cup (I do not and have never condoned biting - unless it's in bed). There was Wimbledon (I can't blame Andy Murray, I wouldn't have minded being thrashed by Dimitrov either). And I did honestly do quite a bit of work too.

But anyway, never mind, here it is at last, CFNM COUGAR - a proper novel (at least I hope so) on the theme of Clothed Female Nude Male. Being a novel, it has quite a bit of novelly stuff in it, characters and their problems and so forth. But it also has plenty of sex and male nudity. It's by way, I suppose, of being a sex comedy, and getting the balance of elements right isn't easy. Have I managed? It's up to you to judge. But I've learned a lot from seeing it through from start to finish and I'm sure I'll grow as a writer as a result. I just hope that a few readers grow (you know where) as the result of reading it.

More details about the book are down below. I'll round off by adding that, now that's done and dusted, I'll try to get back to posting more comments and pix here and on Twitter. If I fail in this mission, write in and chastise me. You know I like it!

In her late 40s, Jessica Fraser, ex-swimwear model, is still drop-dead gorgeous, but she's also painfully shy, a bit depressed, and it doesn't help that her marriage seems to have lost its spark. She badly needs something to lift her out of her doldrums. And she finds it when she attends a lively annual get-together with some old friends from the fashion world. The theme – CFNM, or Clothed Female Nude Male.

A few drinks, a couple of zero calorie canapés and several handfuls of muscular young flesh later, Jessica is hooked. But what does this mean for Adam, the young gardener who is secretly harbouring a crush on her back at home? And can Jessica really put aside her self-doubts and embrace being a CFNM Cougar?

A witty sex comedy from Cassie Caine, the author of CFNM GODDESS, ADVENTURES OF A NUDE ART MODEL and BLONDE SPANKS BRUNETTE.

Length: 60,000 words approx (novel)

Warning: Contains adult material
For the eBook, $6.99 approx., go here
For the paperback, &14.99 approx., go here