Monday, 28 November 2011

When did I first learn about CFNM?

 One of my earliest erotic memories is of sitting in the local library, a mousy 9-year-old with a fondness for reading. My little hand is flipping through the pages of a book about classical Greek vase paintings which I'd managed to heft down with difficulty from the shelves of the art section.

In ancient Greek art, it was customary to depict female figures clothed and males in the nude. So suddenly I'm looking at all these pictures of muscular naked guys lounging around next to girls in beautifully draped gowns. Through the drapery, you could see that the girls had nice curves; their hair was teased into pretty ringlets. The men all had broad shoulders, washboard abs, narrow waists and thick, corded thighs (and the tiniest cocks and balls, but that's a whole other fetish …) I remember looking from the bare flesh to the clothed and back again and getting this fizzy feeling in my chest as though I'd just overdosed on Cola drops.

So that was my first taster. It wasn't until years and years later, though, that my vague feelings crystallized into a genuine fetish. I was 15, it was the summer holidays, and … you know what, sorry to be a tease, but I really ought to save this for one of my stories. Here's the short version: this one boy decided that, as he had no chance of persuading me or my best friend to take our clothes off, the next best thing would be to engineer a situation where we saw him and his friend in the buff instead. As a result, I encountered my first erect penis ... in the hot and sticky flesh. I'm pretty sure he introduced me to the term CFNM as well.

He was incredibly annoying and not half as sexy as he thought, but I owe a lot to him. And those naughty ancient Greeks, of course.

Naked guy chatting with girl in charge of the nibbles.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

November Updates

It's been a busy old November. As well as keeping up with all my lovely penpals, I've been scribbling away at my latest story, which is my most ambitious and explicit yet, with a delicious teen heroine, tropical island locations, female on male two-into-one penetration, anal intruders and, of course, lots of naked male flesh. Fingers crossed, I should have it out in time for Christmas. Just the thing to put a bulge in Santa's sack!

If you want to know more about the girl behind the prose, you can find me on Goodreads, Fetlife, Sensations for Women, Facebook and now Twitter. Don't be shy, do say hi – I love hearing from readers, CFNM addicts, etc.

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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Favourite CFNM Scenarios

What's my favourite CFNM scenario? It's a question I'm often asked. And its a toughie – mainly because they all have something to offer the discerning female. Just a minute ago I was on the Sensations for Women site looking at a pic of a boy with his dick on a brick, squashed in place by a girl's tan-booted foot. And I thought, Hey, I could be that girl, I'm up for a bit of dick-squashing, I've even got those boots.

Sometimes I like to picture a rich and famous me leaning on a balcony in the Tribeca neighbourhood of New York City (or some other glamorous spot; the scenery changes.) I'm enjoying the view and a glass or two of champagne. At my feet, stripped bare and contorted into the upward facing bow position, is a grown-up version of the boy who made me cry at my eighth birthday party. Clamped between his bare thighs is a silver bucket so over-stuffed with ice, the cubes rain down on his balls whenever I pluck out the bottle.

But the CFNM scenario that gives me most nourishment is actually very straightforward. It's a relaxed social gathering, the cocktail hour, I'm looking my best in a shimmery little frock and standing right next to a guy who just happens to be completely nude. There's no more than a couple of millimetres between my trim little clothed bod and his big naked one, and we're deep, deep in the most wonderful conversation … so wonderful, neither of really notices the perfectly formed dick rearing its head and gently nudging me in the belly-button. Simple, but I'm a simple girl at heart!

Why don't you write in and let me know your favourite scenarios? I'd love to hear from you.