Tuesday, 23 September 2014

CFNM Cougar Kindle Countdown Deal - 24 Sept to 1 Oct

Just to let you know that my full-length novel CFNM COUGAR will be available at a reduced price in a Kindle Countdown Deal on Amazon.com, from 24 September to 1 October, starting at only $1.99 (it usually retails at $6.99 approx.).

My most ambitious work to date, CFNM Cougar is about a fortysomething ex-swimwear model who is struggling in a shaky marriage, but finds herself rejuvenated when she's introduced to your and my favourite fetish. It has plenty of explicit action and bare male flesh, but also, I hope, an interesting and sympathetic heroine, lots of comedy and several tangled plot-strands which should keep you turning the pages. I haven't checked, but I'm assuming it must rank as one of the first proper novels about Clothed Female Nude Male ever written, so we're making literary history, guys and girls! Do please take advantage of the offer and snap up a copy.

Monday, 22 September 2014

The Forbidden Daughters (1927) a silent era stag film

Keeping with the retro theme of my recent posts, I just thought I'd bring you a link to a short one-reeler silent film from way back in 1927 - dawn of time stuff which a penpal on Fetlife drew to my attention. The one thing that always really depresses me about the past is the thought that no one got their end away or at the very least had the opportunity to ogle some beautiful naked bodies. Cheerily, this film seems to suggest that that's not the case at all. Who knew so many girls back in 1927 were willing to take all their clothes off? And not only is this little movie full of full-fronted naked girls, they're nice and smooth too - not a bush in sight! No naked guys, sigh, but you can't have everything I guess.

The plot, by the way... yes, it has a plot, kinda... the plot is to do with a young lady, Alva, who goes looking for her fiancé, who's gone and gotten himself lost in the African jungle somewhere and has been taken prisoner by an African princess. Trying to get the lowdown on his exact location, she visits a Rajah and gets a peek at his well-stocked harem...

These days, it's all very gigglesome, and if you've a mind to be offended, it will probably be at the racial stereotyping rather that the array of female flesh. But actually, I'm going to stick up for it and say I quite like it. From what I've seen of silent films, the women usually look like complete frights, and at least whoever made this managed to ensure that his actresses/models photograph nicely. Looking good for 90 years plus, girls!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Pamela Green, '50s nudie cutie

Vintage '50s erotica isn't, to be honest, an area that I know a great deal about, but one character who leaps out at me from the era is British nudie pin-up Pamela Green. She wasn't just a pin-up though. She also worked behind the scenes as a talented art director; she acted in Michael Powell's famous movie Peeping Tom; she was by all accounts a bright, intelligent lady who could have been a huge success whatever she decided to do with her life.

But what she did want to be with her life, though, is be nude for art - as a life model, for photographers, and even as a performer in various light-hearted nudie flicks. It seems to be have been something she opted for consciously and proudly rather than simply falling into it (back in the '50s, mind you!), and that makes her really stand out to me as an inspiring figure.

She's also a knockout, and created some really beautiful images. And she was even a pioneer of the clean-shaven look - not everyone's a fan of that of course, but it fit in with her passion for being totally bare. You can find out more about her on this website about her, and here's a link to more lovely pictures.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

The Beast and Immoral Tales - classic '70s erotica

Just been reading that a couple of classic '70s erotica movies have been released on Blu-ray this month - The Beast and Immoral Tales, both by the eccentric Polish director Walerian Borowczyk (try typing that with false nails!).

I haven't actually checked out the new releases, but they sound fab, very high-def and all that, and I have seen both movies before as part of my in-depth research into rude and nude. Tbh, neither film actually presses my fetish buttons to any great degree, but I do admire the way that they straddle the fine line beneath artiness and perviness.

If I remember right, Immoral Tales has the most nudity of the two (mainly female, with a glimpse of willy here and there), but my favourite is probably The Beast, because of a couple of scenes. The movie is set in a crumbly old mansion btw, lorded over by a evil count, who's trying to marry off his son to a comely young heirless who comes visiting to tie the knot. There's a nice bit where a girl (au pair? Maybe, I can't remember) is jumping the bones of a handsome black butler, and she grinds hard with her pelvis against his groin while his appendage (it's a big one!) is sliding around underneath her (strange how I remember that but not exactly what her job title is!).

The other bit I like is when the heirless goes haring around the house in the nuddy, slipping and sliding comically on the polished floors, and her aunt/governess or whatever comes out to comfort-dash-fondle her. For me, this particular scene ticks only one naked and clothed female nude female boxes, and hence it gives me a particular frisson. I also always appreciate it when people try to combine nudity with comedy - yes, naked people can make you smile :) Both films are very interesting though, and well worth checking out on blu. I'm sure those flesh tones look delish.


Thursday, 24 July 2014

Well, that took longer than expected

Yeah, sorry about that. There I was talking about a late April release date, and here we are in late July. What occurred? you ask. Well, um, there was the weather (I'm resenting any time I don't spend in a bikini - or less - at the mo). There was the World Cup (I do not and have never condoned biting - unless it's in bed). There was Wimbledon (I can't blame Andy Murray, I wouldn't have minded being thrashed by Dimitrov either). And I did honestly do quite a bit of work too.

But anyway, never mind, here it is at last, CFNM COUGAR - a proper novel (at least I hope so) on the theme of Clothed Female Nude Male. Being a novel, it has quite a bit of novelly stuff in it, characters and their problems and so forth. But it also has plenty of sex and male nudity. It's by way, I suppose, of being a sex comedy, and getting the balance of elements right isn't easy. Have I managed? It's up to you to judge. But I've learned a lot from seeing it through from start to finish and I'm sure I'll grow as a writer as a result. I just hope that a few readers grow (you know where) as the result of reading it.

More details about the book are down below. I'll round off by adding that, now that's done and dusted, I'll try to get back to posting more comments and pix here and on Twitter. If I fail in this mission, write in and chastise me. You know I like it!

In her late 40s, Jessica Fraser, ex-swimwear model, is still drop-dead gorgeous, but she's also painfully shy, a bit depressed, and it doesn't help that her marriage seems to have lost its spark. She badly needs something to lift her out of her doldrums. And she finds it when she attends a lively annual get-together with some old friends from the fashion world. The theme – CFNM, or Clothed Female Nude Male.

A few drinks, a couple of zero calorie canapés and several handfuls of muscular young flesh later, Jessica is hooked. But what does this mean for Adam, the young gardener who is secretly harbouring a crush on her back at home? And can Jessica really put aside her self-doubts and embrace being a CFNM Cougar?

A witty sex comedy from Cassie Caine, the author of CFNM GODDESS, ADVENTURES OF A NUDE ART MODEL and BLONDE SPANKS BRUNETTE.

Length: 60,000 words approx (novel)

Warning: Contains adult material
For the eBook, $6.99 approx., go here
For the paperback, &14.99 approx., go here

Friday, 4 April 2014

1st draft of my new CFNM novel finally finished

I've been neglecting this blog a bit over the last week because I've been trying to put the first draft of my new CFNM novel to bed. And the good news is, I've finally gotten there, hooray. Following Stephen King's advice that a writer should always move forward, like a shark, I've written it fast and written it hard. Fingers crossed it's turned out okay.

In case your wondering what my working methods are, before I even attempted a first draft, I began by penning a lengthy synopsis (keeping track of who puts what where). Then I put a summary of each individual chapter on a separate card - a tip I picked out of a screenwriting manual, which is very handy because you can juggle around the order of the chapters if there's a problem with the flow of your story.

Now for the second draft. This is where I give serious thought to important stuff such as what the characters are wearing, and put in little details such as colours and smells (something I tend to forget all about if I'm not careful. My books wouldn't make very interesting reading for dogs).

Hopefully, this won't take me more than a couple of weeks, meaning I should have the novel ready by mid to late April. In the meantime, do please keep an eye on this blog for pix, vids, promos and other ramblings.

Okay, folks, please excuse me, time to get cracking on Chapter One - again...

Friday, 28 March 2014

Updates - new low price for CFNM SUGAR DADDY

Couple of updates today. First off, my eBook CFNM SUGAR DADDY is now available for just $0.99 from Amazon. That's down from $3.50, so it's quite a saving, and the story itself is a sizzler, with a cute heroine, exotic locales, some energetic pegging and an insight into London's pound-in-a-pint-glass strip pubs.

Also, the paperback of ADVENTURES OF A NUDE ART MODEL now has a new cover design. The old one was a bit garish - don't know what I was thinking - so hopefully this one is a bit more classy. If you haven't checked out the book, it's one of my most popular titles - the story of a timid 40-year-old woman who is gripped by the sudden urge to become a life drawing model and quickly realizes that barely all for art is the biggest thrill of her life. It's a light-hearted, humorous look as the satisfaction that comes from exhibiting yourself without restraint, and it should appeal to fans of naked in public, only one naked, embarrassed nude female and lesbian dominant-submissive relationships.

By the way, I'd love to know what kind of covers you, my dear readers, would prefer - something discreet so that you can read it on the train, or something hot and steamy to get you in the mood?

Lastly, as an unabashed fan of both male and female nudity, I love to garnish my blog with plenty of naked flesh. I've been posting some new pix and video links in the CFNM Gallery, and I mean to do the same for the Misc Gallery as well. Do take a look, sure there'll be something there to tickle your fancy.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The Key by Tinto Brass

I've got to admit, I struggle with a lot of blue movies of yore, but one I am fond of is The Key, made by director Tinto Brass in 1983. It concerns an elderly dude who becomes obsessed with trying to get his prudish wife Teresa to open up sexually. Eventually he succeeds, encouraging her to flaunt her body and have an affair with her grown-up daughter's boyfriend.

What I like about the film is the way in which it focuses on the middle-aged Teresa as a sex object. She's not the only one to get naked, but the lion's share of flesh on view belongs to her. And whereas another director might have been tempted to dilute things by giving her pretty daughter one or two sex scenes too, here she remains very modestly dressed the whole time, which only draws all the more attention to her mum's textile-free state.

Stefania Sandrelli, the (apparently quite well known) actress playing Teresa, was 37-ish at the time and carrying a few extra pounds, and the movie is all the better for it: she looks absolutely glorious, flesh like scoops of ice-cream, showing off every inch of herself in poses that make the most of her devastating curves. It must have been amazingly titillating for her to turn up day after day to shoot nude scene after nude scene, knowing that the other actors would probably be getting to keep their clothes on. One of my favourite scenes is early on when Teresa faints during a family meal and has to be hauled into the bedroom where her skirts are lifted and her knickers pulled down so that she can be given a reviving injection in the bottom, with her husband, her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend all ogling her lustfully and/or disapprovingly throughout the entire process. There's also a delicious moment later when the daughter confronts Teresa with some nude pix that have been taken of her and calls her out as a complete tramp - way to make mummy blush!!!

It's a lovely film in all sorts of way (story, acting, romantic Venetian setting), and it's also a beautiful example of a cinematic celebration of mature nudity. You can see the entire film on YouTube here.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Playboy March Deal and other stuff

Playboy have a March special offer membership deal going, you can find out more here and here.

Also, just to mention that rather than posting porn picks on the main page, I'll be shoving 'em into the CFNM and Misc picture galleries, so hopefully you should soon be finding plenty of new pix plus links to videos there.

There, that was just a quickie 'cos my favourite show Hair is on soon!

Milo Manara and the joys of bottomless nudity

My influences include several comix illustrators, among them Milo Manara. I love the sheer beauty and fluidity of his lines, his pretty girls with their wavy Art Nouveau-ish hair, his sense of fun, the clever way he draws clingy, barely-there clothes. His themes, too, are right up my street: public nudity, embarrassed nude female, forced exposure, only one naked. Love love love.

Got to admit though, I find his graphic novels somewhat uneven. Quite a few of them have plotlines, if you can call them that, which are arty and, to be frank, a bit pretentious. Even the worst of them, however, usually has at least one or two sequences to get a exhibitionist/voyeur's heart racing, and they are always beautifully drawn. Of those I've read, probably the most consistent and enjoyable is Butterscotch, a whimsical fantasy about a hapless girl who meets an invisible man and winds up in all sorts of compromising situations because of him, even though he's head over heels in love with another woman.

It's sweetly funny and very sexy, and it also strongly features a little twist on the theme of exposure which I particularly relish: bottomless nudity.

The odd thing is that topless nudity doesn't do it for me at all (female topless nudity, that is. When it comes to guys, I definitely want to see their chests!). I think it looks cheap. I'd say a girl looks sexier in full bra and panties that just a thong, and I think a thong or posing pouch is just as out of place in an artistic environment such as a life class - here only full nudity will do for the appreciation of beauty and drama of the human figure.

Yet bottomless nudity is a different matter altogether. There's something so titillating about a tiny T-shirt being stretched tight in an attempt to cover peeping ass cheeks, or yanked at the front over a bare mound. And here Manara reigns supreme, forever being a fresh eye and a masterly hand to the same blushing predicament.

I'd love to hear about the erotic artists who inspire, excite or influence you. Please do get in touch!

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Porn pick

Really like this. Bree Olson having a CFNM moment with a thoroughly delighted guy.

You can see video footage here.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Promotion: CFNM Princess - $0.99!!!

My eBook CFNM PRINCESS, my first story and still one of my most popular, will be available on Amazon for $0.99 instead of $2.99 from Sunday 16th March to Sunday 23rd March. Make a note in your diary and if you don't already have a copy, snap one up, as it's pretty hot stuff even if I do say so myself.

Porn Pick

As well as beavering away at what I'm now calling my "CFNM novel" (!), I'm also busy trying to refresh the visual content of this blog, because I'm a firm believer that nothing complements the written word like some tasty pix of nakedly nude bods. Anyway, you should see plenty of new links appearing in the Galleries panel, including some from NIP-Activity, who are the source of these pix:

Lovely, buxom model with glowing roses-and-cream complexion, and a peaceful, dreamy vibe - very nice! And as I'm all about public nudity, only one naked and so forth, this kind of thing is very much up my street. You can see more of the pix here.

And while I'm about it, I can't resist sharing this other photoshoot. Here a lovely nudie really gets in among the people, strolling through a bustling market:

How does she do it? She looks so calm and statuesque. But then I've often said all a girl really needs to feel dressed is a bangle and some knee-high boots. You can see more of this shoot here.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Porn pick

Today's pick comes from Mile High Media. Love the expressions on the models' faces, and the situation portrayed is pretty damn horny too, the guy with his trousers down, the mum on her knees and up to no good and the daughter catching them in the act and none too thrilled by what she's witnessing. It's also funny, and I'm all for the combination of sex and nudity with comedy. To see more of the shoot, go here.

Oh, and for Miley's sex tape, go here.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Progress report on my new CFNM story

You might have been wondering what's happening to my long-promised new CFNM story (or maybe you haven't but really, it's been ages since the last one). Well, I can confirm that it's coming on slowly but surely. I can also reveal that it's a bit more ambitious than my previous work, and I'm hoping that it might actually be substantial enough for me to dub it a "CFNM novel".

I haven't checked around, but if this isn't the first proper CFNM novel to be written, it must be pretty damn close. I say "proper", because I'm taking a bit more time to explore characters, relationships and other novelly things in this one. Basically, I'm trying to write something that feels less like "erotica" and more like a normal piece of fiction, only one where actions are triggered and connections formed as the result of a sexual fetish.

Anyway, I hope people like the more slow-burning approach, and don't worry, there's still plenty of hard core hanky-panky too. In fact, even now I'm slumped over my desk faint and pink-cheeked from having penned several torrid sex scenes back to back over the last couple of days.

In the meantime, I'll keep this blog regularly updated with my comments on this and that, as well as some saucy pix and vids. (Perhaps unsurprisingly, while I was writing BLONDE SPANKS BRUNETTE, I was all about the female nude, but now I'm definitely in the mood to post pix of some ripped male bods.) And I'll also give a face lift to the links on the side of the page, many of which are looking rather aged. Oh, and huge apologies to anyone who sent in a message, only to see it left unposted for ages and ages - your Cassie will try to do better in the future.

Here's a final thought - now the weather's perking up, why not treat yourself to a Cassie Caine paperback? You could sit on a park bench with CFNM STORIES or ADVENTURES OF A NUDE ART MODEL balanced proudly on your knee and really make an exhibition of yourself! Go on, be a devil!

Monday, 10 March 2014

Porn pick

You might remember that a  few days ago I was enthusing about the old Daily Mirror comic strip "Jane" as an example of lingerie erotica. Well, a porn site which takes care in this regard is Club Laly. Check out the glossy production values and attractive underwear in this pic:

The compositions also have a certain wit about them, which I like:

For more of that particular photoshoot, go here. And there's a similar attention to detail in this motorbike-themed photoshoot (to see more, click here):

And how about this image from a fetish-style set? Pretty dramatic and stylish. For more, go here
I'll be choosing more porn picks in the coming weeks and days. I'd love to hear yours!

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Porn pick

It's been a lovely warm day of Spring today. Makes you want to get outdoors and...

Or maybe not, if you're a shy little thing like me. At any rate, I find myself responding very positively to this bucolic shoot from Daring Sex. I particularly like the way the blossoms in the background pick up the delicate lavender colour of the male model's mighty appendage.

You can see more of the shoot here.

Female nudity in CFNM - a problem?

One of the issues I frequently bump up against as a writer of CFNM erotica and as a fan of the fetish is just how rigidly CF the girls should be. Ideally, for me, they shouldn't show so much as the edge of the a nipple. But what if a CF and a NM want to have sex? What do you do then?

Usually, in my stories, I deal with this by having the NM's eyes covered: she has bared herself a little, but he can't see it (and hands off, no touching either!).  Another option is the one taken by a shoot by PureCFNM. Here, a girl essentially nominates herself from the group to get down and dirty.

As you can see from these pix, the redhead not only bares her pussy, she also exposes herself emotionally by flushing and gasping as she savours the guy's cock inside her. In effect, what this does is to place her in a special lower status to the other girls, more on a par with the naked guy, and this leaves the other girls free to maintain full femdom credentials and gloat over the spectacle, fully clothed. You can see more of the shoot here.

In fact, now I think about it, one of my all-time faves of PureCFNM shoots also involved female nudity. I'm speaking of the one where model Lolly Badcock has sex with a massively hung stud in front of an audience of innocent young girls.

The moment I especially like is the one depicted in the last pic, where he's taking her over the table. She's scrabbling to support herself against his thrusts and forced to look straight at the watching girls, who look right back at her, amazed at what they're seeing. Here it's almost as if Lolly has become a different species from the tittering, modestly clothed girls observing her getting pounded. (See more of the shoot here.)

Actually, all things considered, maybe I do like the occasional bit of female nudity in CFNM after all!

Saturday, 8 March 2014

"Jane" of the Daily Mirror - secret agent in lingerie

Sure you all know by now that I'm mad keen about the nude human body (when I'm drawing a life model, it irks me if they even have a watch or pendant on - I want it all OFF!). But I also love a bit of lingerie, and no one wears stockings and a pair of French knickers better than Jane, a character who graced the pages of the Daily Mirror in the middle decades of the last century.
Jane is a reluctant secret agent packed off on missions by her incompetent bosses and invariably losing some if not all of her clothes in the process. I first came across her as an impressionable teen when I was searching among my dad's books for something to read. He had a paperback which collected a few of the stories. One in particular caught my attention: "Nature in the Raw", in which Jane has to visit her aunt, who is staying at a place called the Sunkiste Nature Camp:
As a teen with a febrile imagination, already fascinated by exhibitionism and voyeurism, Jane was just the kind of character I could relate to, and I loved the gauzy lingerie in which she went about her top secret missions. Although sometimes she didn't even get to keep that:

The paperback my dad owned was a TV tie-in to a BBC adaptation that ran briefly in the early 1980s, starring Glynis Barber. Click here to see one of the stories on YouTube.

In terms of humour, visuals and acting style, it now seems pretty dated and old-fashioned, obviously, but then there's certainly not much else like it, so if you're a fan of nostalgic cheesecake, innocent sauciness and twanging garters, it's worth a look. Oh, and I forgot to mention, Jane has a dachshund! Sweet!
I'd love to see Jane going intrepidly into action, jiggling her bits, once again - maybe in a really camp stage show! I'm up for writing the script. Anyone fancy playing Jane?


Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Life Drawing as Performance and Entertainment

As those who have read my novel ADVENTURES OF A NUDE ART MODEL will be aware, I'm super fanatical about life drawing. I'd love it to become a mainstream activity that anyone even vaguely artistic has a go at, and just as importantly, I'd love life modelling to become something that adults of all ages with a desire to challenge themselves embrace out of sheer devotion to it. If ADVENTURES OF A NUDE MODEL could persuade just one person to bare all for art, then your Cassie would be an extremely proud author!

That said, even just a few short years ago when I was a student, life drawing studios could sometimes be quite stuffy and restrictive, their church-like atmosphere and stilted protocols stopping the artist and model from engaging with each other as full-bloodedly as they otherwise might. But thankfully, things are starting to change, with more and more art classes offering sessions that blend traditional life drawing with something akin to performance art to create memorable events centred around the nude figure.

A good example of this new breed is London Drawing. I haven't been lucky enough to attend any of their sessions as I live in the wrong neck of the woods, but they look great fun and so inventive. Here, for instance, are a few pics from an event they recently staged in which two hapless, unclothed ladies fall foul of a demonic figure called the Lairy Godmother (played by noted young artist Susannah Pal):

The whole thing looks like an absolute delight, with the models striking deliciously abandoned poses and Susannah Pal hilarious in her demonic role. Events like these are a confirmation of something I strongly believe in - that, in the right context, the nude figure can be enjoyed and celebrated as a really lovely source of entertainment and relaxation. If you're feeling down and you want to cheer yourself up, don't pop a pill or have a drink - book yourself into a life class and enjoy the beauty of the naked human form. Or, better yet, take off your clothes and be that beauty.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Glissements progressifs du plaisir (1974) - a CFNF film!

As you know, I'm crazy about CFNM, but I'm also equally into CFNF (Clothed Female Nude Female), especially when it involves some kind of twist, such as the CF being younger and the NF older, or the CF pretty and the NF plain.

That's why I was delighted to come across this French film from the 1970s, Glissements progressifs due Plaisir (trans, Successive Slidings of Pleasure). Plotwise, it's a fragmented and almost bafflingly arty story about a bewitching and witch-like girl (Anicée Alvina) who is taken into custody and interrogated after apparently stabbing to death an older woman (Olga Georges-Picot) whom she has been holding in thrall. I'm no film critic, so I can't really comment on its virtues or otherwise as a movie, but what's exciting about it from my point of view is that the director clearly seems to share one of my favourite fetishes.

I say this because the film includes several striking CFNF scenes, with Alvina as the CF and Georges-Picot as the NF. In one, Alvina, paints Georges-Picot's breasts; in another, she removes various layers of drapery until Georges-Picot in naked; in yet another, she dresses the nude woman in a PVC coat and high heels. And in the lengthiest and most striking of all, she breaks raw eggs over George-Picot's naked body and follows up by pouring wine all over her.

The cinematography is unabashedly full-frontal, and there's a powerful atmosphere as the girl totally dominates the older woman, who is essentially a human doll in her hands. CFNF at its best!

Admittedly, Alvina has a couple of nude scenes of her own elsewhere in the movie (speaking as a CFNF kinkster, I would have preferred it if she hadn't), but she remains clothed in all of her scenes with Georges-Picot, while Georges-Picot is repeatedly required to bare all in front of her.

When they shot the movie, Alvina was 21 and relatively new to film, while Georges-Picot was 34 and had already been a working actress for almost fifteen years (her credits include a Woody Allen picture and The Day of the Jackal). You can't help but wonder what went through this mature redhead's mind as she shot scene after scene completely in the nude in front of this beautiful young girl 13 years her junior? Why did she take a part that was so submissive and revealing? Was it for money? Was it for art? Or was it because it appealed to some masochistic fantasy deep inside of her? My hope is that she really got off on exposing herself so thoroughly, and it certainly seems that way to judge by her constantly erect nipples. As for Alvina, she seems thoroughly into her domineering, voyeuristic role, and who can blame her? Watching it makes me itch to crack a few raw eggs on a submissive nude myself.

As there aren't many movies out there which embody the more unusual kinks, I just wanted to share my enthusiasm with you. Now, if only the director had made a CFNM sequel!