Fragment - Blushing at Both Ends

[This is an unfinished spanking story from a couple of years back, when I was first trying my hand at writing. It's pretty crude, but has a couple of sexy moments, so I thought you folks might enjoy it. Please don't judge too harshly – I was only young!]

Ever since I was thirteen or fourteen, I've liked the idea of getting naked for other girls and letting them do whatever they want to me. In many ways I'm prudish. I have a horror of going anywhere near boys, let alone stripping off for them, but I'm always looking for ways of flashing girls. It's not as easy as it sounds, though. I tried parading around naked in the girls' changing rooms at the local swimming club, but all they did was avert their eyes and pretend not to see. 
I was now eighteen, I'd left school and I was due to go to college, and I was desperately in need of someone to take me in hand and make life interesting for me. One of my interests is acting, so I'd joined an all-girls acting troupe who put on revues. They were all slightly older than me, 19-21. I wasn't hoping to get naked on stage on anything, because there was a good chance some of the audience might be boys, but it was good fun and I quickly fitted in with the rest of the cast.

One thing that had attracted me to the troupe from the start was that I knew they took their revues on tour. So after a couple of weeks, we all piled into a minibus and set off. We were all really excited apart from one girl, Andie. Despite her dark Goth looks, most of the time she was a really sweet girl with a lovely sense of humour, but she had trouble letting things go. She was bitching because her parents were dragging their feet about giving her the money for a new laptop, and she was going on and on and getting us all down. She was slumped on one side of the minibus, hemmed in by our luggage and props, and more of us were crammed in a row along the other side, wilting under her bad vibes.

Finally a silly idea popped into my head. If only I'd taken a second to consider the consequences. 
“Hey, Andie, you really need to stop stressing. I've got a proposition for you. How about I let you spank my bum for five minutes, and call me names, but in exchange you've got to promise to chillax for the rest of the trip.”

The other girls laughed. 
“Spank your bum?” asked Andie, her mood already lightening.

“As hard as you like. And you can rain down abuse on my head. But only for five minutes. And after that you've got to be as sweet as pie.”

The other girls thought the idea was hilarious, and I was feeling pretty pleased with myself. I was wearing a baggy T shirt and jeans, so it wouldn't be very embarrassing to bend over. It seemed like a good joke and a bit of a thrill.

“As hard as I like?” Andie repeated.

“You go, girl. Work out all that tension on me.”

“Okay. Get over here.”

I staggered across the cluttered floor of the minibus, which was doing a steady 50 on the motorway, and Andie looked as if she didn't know what was supposed to happen next. But I'd seen some spanking photos, so I knew what to do. Climbing onto the bench beside her, I stretched myself across her lap, with my knees on one side of her, my elbows on the other and my back arched so my bottom stuck up, a tempting target. The other girls clapped encouragement.

“Bring it on,” I told her, smiling, but from there things immediately went wrong.

Andie reached around my waist and felt for the top button of my jeans.

“What're you doing?”

“I can't spank you with your jeans on, they're too tough. I'll hurt my fingers.” Andie was a musician as well as an actress and comedienne, so she was always freaking out about her hands.

“Alright then,” I conceded, “pull my jeans down a little way, but leave my undies alone.”

The girls hooted a little as Andie eased my jeans over my hips and bum and bunched them around my knees. Even though she was careful, my undies slipped slightly, so I felt behind to adjust them.

“'Salright, I've got them,” said Andie. She gave them a too-vigorous pull on the waistband, with the result that I felt the entire triangle of cloth disappearing inside my arse crack. At the same time, she pushed my T shirt up towards my shoulders, revealing the lovely line of my back.

I felt more than a flicker of pleasure at exposing myself like this, but I soon forgot about anything else when she reared back with her hand and slapped one of my bare cheeks.

“Aw, fuck!” I exclaimed, biting my lip. “That really hurt!”

“Stings, doesn't it, you little slut?” snapped Andie, already getting into role. Before I could reply, she smacked my other cheek just as resoundingly. The chopping sound was like a gun going off inside the minibus. “How about that, you dirty little slapper?”

“Jesus, yes, fuck, it stings!”

It still seemed like a joke, but I crumpled a little and bowed my head against the seat. Andie seized the opportunity to push my T shirt up higher, bunching it right up against the top of my neck. My bra was showing now. The others were laughing at my reactions. But I just couldn't believe how painful the first two slaps had been. My whole arse was glowing already. I was willing to bet the skin was all pink, even red.

“Alright, you little skank, let's see how you like this!”

The next blow landed right on my bum crack, right in the middle of my arse. Then she did both cheeks again, then she landed another one on my crack, but high up, just under the tailbone, then she pulled me forward a bit and snuck one in really low, a few inches above my pussy. That one almost killed me. My face was red and I felt tears starting into my eyes.

“How long's it been?” I panted weakly, not daring to look up.

Carla, who was riding shotgun up front but had been craning back to follow the whole episode, glanced quickly at her watch. “One minute twenty seconds.”


Everyone giggled at my reaction. When I'd said it, five minutes had sounded like nothing, but now I realized I'd made a terribly misjudgement. When it came to spankings, five minutes was an eternity. I'd had more than enough already, but stubbornness and the desire to keep my word made me hold my position, plus Andie had a strong grip on the back of my neck and I wasn't entirely sure she would let me go anyway.

I felt her pushing one of my legs slightly to one side, then the most powerful slap of all landed on my arse. It was another low one, and it almost clipped my genitals. The force of it resounded through my pussy. My whole body jerked forward.

“Ow-ow!” I complained, crushing my face against the bags piled up on the seat cushions. 
“That's for not looking at people when you talk to them!”

I instinctively glanced up, as she intended, and they could all see my flushed cheeks and the tears in my eyes.

“Now listen here, you fucking whore,” said Andie, “I want you to blush for me at both ends.” Slap, slap! “Are you going to blush for me, or am I going to have to whack you even harder?”

“Yes! God, yes!” I cried, not really understanding what I was saying.

“Tell me what you're doing for me!”

“I'm blushing at both ends!”

“One minute to go,” said Carla.

“Thank God,” I sighed.

The blows got heavier. “Pull the other one, sweetheart. You love this, we can all tell! The last thing you want is for it to stop, isn't it? You love sticking your skinny little arse in the air and having the shit beaten out of it, don't you, you pervy little bitch? Because that's the kind of twisted individual you are, isn't it? You better tell me the truth, or I'm going to beat you till blood comes out of your bum crack.”

“Yes, yes, I'm a perv,” I groaned weakly, really crying now. My face and my arse were both burning. “I fucking love it.”

“Time's up,” said Carla.

Andie let me go. Stiff, snivelling, and trying to wipe the tears off my cheeks, I climbed off her lap. My face was burning up.

“Look at your rosey cheeks,” said Carla. “Like a little boy after a football game.”

“Christ, you've no idea how that fucking hurt,” I laughed, then blushed even more. I tried to pull my jeans up, but my arse was stinging so much, the touch of the denim was agony. I couldn't even work out how I was going to sit down. I knelt on the seat, facing away from them and looking out of the side window, with my jeans up around my thighs. “Fuck, oh fuck!” I moaned. It was almost worse now she'd stopped. My arse cheeks were throbbing, radiating waves of pain. “Jesus, Andie, I think you've broken my arse permanently. You've really got a mean streak! Oh, fuck!” I smiled over my shoulder at her to show there were no ill feelings.

“Oh, sweetie,” she said, “you can't just hunch there like that all trip. Do you want to stretch out over me again?”

It might have been simpler if she'd just let me have the whole seat, but I nodded and slid my aching body over her. I lay with my face on a bin liner stuffed full of costumes, trying to extract some coolness from it. Andie pushed my t shirt right up again. I didnt object because I was so hot, then she said, “Let's get some air on these cheeks.” She gently eased the back of my undies down. I didn't want to lay there with my bare arse sticking up, but I lacked the strength to object. I felt exhausted. I wanted to sleep.

“Is it really red?” I asked nervously.

“A trend-setting shade of cerise pink.”

After five minutes of laying there, I began to feel better and I tried getting up on my knees again. I managed to slide my jeans back on by painful inches and I sat back next to Andie, feeling thoroughly shattered. She put her arm around me. My plan to cheer her up had worked, at any rate. Since I'd made my foolish proposition, she hadn't given that laptop a single thought.

I was just closing my eyes when Carla said, “What about our turn?”

My lids snapped open disbelievingly. “What?”

“It's not fair that Andie gets to spank you because she's in a strop, then we don't get a go.”

I laughed, but I knew at once that she wasn't joking. All the other girls were giving me a funny look, and I realized something terrible had happened. In those five minutes of exhibitionism, I'd gone from being one of them, an accepted member of the team, to being something like dirt. Fair prey, someone for them to bully and fuck around with. I suddenly felt like a mouse in a minibus full of horny cats.

It still might have been alright if I'd laughed it off, but the way they were all staring suddenly caused a rush of warmth between my legs. I ducked my eyes in shame, trying to control my feelings, then when I dared to glance up again their expressions had hardened even more. My eyes welled with tears.

“Please, guys, my arse can't take any more ...”

“It wouldn't have to be your arse,” Andie pointed out helpfully, “they could slap your juicy naked tits.”

A blush of excitement ran all the way down my front, and I could see the girls getting excited too. On the other hand, I was horrified at the thought that some male motorists might get a glimpse of me. “Please,” I said, desperately playing for time, “not here. You can slap my tits, you can do what you like to me once we get to the hotel. Okay?”

Carla stared until me until the tears ran down my cheeks and I whimpered. “Okay. But you're really going to get it for making us wait.”

I nodded, my throat so dry I couldn't swallow, then I rested my head on Andie's shoulder and closed my eyes. Her arm was around my waist. As I became drowsy, I felt her unbuttoning the front of my jeans again, then sliding her fingertips under the waistband of my undies. She didn't do anything to me but she was daring me to protest, to stand up for myself. I didn't.

With one foolish act, I'd let them glimpse the real me, and now they were going to grind me into dust. A little, squeaking part of me couldn't wait.

While I pretended to sleep, they whiled away the time discussing what they were going to do to me in great detail. How they were going to slap my tits and my face, then make me open my legs and beat me on the cunt.

I began to be terrified. I'd always wanted to expose myself to other girls, but I've never had a very high threshold for pain. I'd never even considered being spanked before I'd opened my big mouth today. Now it looked as if I was going to be the main course in a BDSM orgy. Unfortunately, my dread of arriving seemed to make the journey go quicker, and before I knew it we had stopped and were getting out our bags. I carried my luggage slowly up to steps to the front door, knowing that this moment in the fresh air, in public, would be the last moment of normality before all hell broke loose.

Carla nudged me cheerily on the backside with her bag, and I went reluctantly upstairs. I was hardly through the door of the room two of us were sharing before hands were on me, tugging at my T shirt and jeans. I considered struggling, then all the fight went out of me …

[So that's as far as I got. Must get around to writing the rest some time soon. I bet that poor girl really gets it, hehe.]

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