Chain Story


This is Part 2 of a chain story written by the wonderful Ardor and myself. You can find Part 1 here.


Raising a finger to still Abby's protests, Carol took up her cell phone and punched in Allen's number. “Hey, Allen! Oh, just having a night in with the girls. Fancy coming over? Awesome! You wouldn't mind stopping off at Bianco's along the way …?”

A last few pleasantries, and she tossed her phone back onto the coffee table with a triumphant flick of her long red hair. “Phase One complete,” she beamed.

“There's a Phase Two?” asked Abby apprehensively.

“When Allen arrives, we're gonna to give him the surprise of his life. Something that'll really put him in his place.”


“You're gonna answer the door in your underwear.”

“I'm what?”

“Bedroom lingerie. Desperate Housewives-style. All sultry and steamy.” Carol's large green eyes twinkled. “Okay, pumpkin, let's get you sexified!” She jumped up, her bangles jingling as she rubbed her hands together in anticipation.

Carol and Michelle each grabbed an elbow and heaved Abby to her feet. Together, the two girls bundled her into the bedroom. Carol began riffling through Abby's overnight bag.

“C'mon, Abbs, get undressed!” said Michelle, tugging at Abby's sweatshirt.

“I'm not sure this is such a good idea!” Abby moaned.

“Quit whining, it'll be hilarious!” 

With a resigned sigh, Abby allowed the sweatshirt to be hauled over her head, exposing her large, bouncy breasts in their sensible bra. Then, deciding it would be slightly more dignified if she undressed herself, she kicked off her wedges and began peeling off her jeans.

“Is this all you brought?” asked Carol in disbelief, looking up from Abby's overnight bag and disdainfully holding up a grungy T-shirt and some gym shorts. “This won't do at all, Abbs! Looks like we're going to have to dress you from my own special collection!”

“Your what?” Abby froze with the jeans midway down her thighs, then gasped as Carol slid back her closet door.

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“Miaooow!” Michelle purred, half an hour later.

“Smoking!” Carol confirmed.

The two girls flanked Abby, their hands draped over her shoulders and elbows, their heads slanted towards her affectionately, while she gaped at herself in the closet mirror.

Can that … that freaking knock-out really be me? Abby wondered, dumbfounded.

Carol and Michelle had squeezed her into a tiny bra and panty set of black lace accented with pink ribbons and bows. The bra cupped and raised her breasts so that they looked like two huge, precious eggs in a couture nest. Her legs were encased in black hold-up stockings, and a pair of black pumps with four-inch Lucite heels adorned her feet. Completing the ensemble was a short, sheer chiffon negligee which fastened with a single bow in the midpoint of her cleavage, then fell away in weightless folds either side of her succulent belly button.

They'd teased and sprayed her hair until it hung it shiny waves, and, with a few small but miraculous additions to her makeup, given her smouldering bedroom eyes and rich, pouty lips.

“Wow, guys, I don't know what to say,” Abby stammered as the transformation finally sank in.

“It's our pleasure,” sighed Carol, her gaze meeting Michelle's in the mirror while her hand adjusted the slit in the front of the negligee so that more of Abby's minuscule panties showed.

“Besides,” giggled Michelle, “it's gonna be totally worth it.”

Something in Michelle's tone sent butterflies swirling through Abby's stomach once more. Breaking away from her friends, she planted her hands on her hips and, with a nervous grin, asked, “So what about you guys? What're you gonna be wearing when Allen arrives? Something equally outrageous, I hope? I mean, I'm not going to be parading around like this on my own?”

Looking slightly vexed by this line of questioning, Carol opened her mouth to reply, then smiled in relief as she heard the tinkling of the door chime. “No time for that now,” she said. “That'll be Allen. Better not keep him waiting, Abbs. We don't want that pizza getting cold.”

Abby began to protest, but was cut short by a slap on the bottom from Michelle. “Yeah, go get 'im, tiger.”

Glaring at the indignity, Abby went teetering off on her transparent heels, pausing en route to the front door to snag her wine glass and toss its contents down her throat. Thus fortified, she braced herself to face Allen. 

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 Carol and Michelle struck seductive poses in the doorway.

“Oh, man!” gulped Allen.

“Hey, Al!” said the girls, flipping their hair in unison.

Redhead Carol sported a corset of pale pink satin, with matching panties and suspenders and crimson stockings. Blonde Michelle was dressed in a silvery blue pyjama top which showed off her endless legs. It was half-unbuttoned, revealing a slice of firm, tan bosom, sans bra.

“You girls, uh, planning an early night?” Allen asked, chuckling at his own wit.

“Not any more,” replied Michelle, plopping herself down on the couch next to him, and patting his thigh in a friendly way. He grinned sheepishly. Carol, on the arm of the couch on his other side, twined her fingers in his fashionably unkempt, dirty-blond hair.

Abby felt a bit foolish, standing there with the open pizza box. All the places near Allen were now taken. What was she supposed to do? Where was she supposed to go? Then, with a sharp flick of her almond-shaped green eyes, Carol signalled her to get down on the floor, pronto.

Obediently, Abby dropped to her knees. There was an immediate response from Allen, as his eyes zeroed in on her bulging cleavage. Pleased, Abby wriggled and arched her back, thrusting out her boobs even more.

“Al looks starving,” Michelle observed. “Abbs, give him a slice of pizza.”

“No need to bother with plates,” added Carol. “Let's be slobs!”

Abby scooped up a slice, drooping under its thick, sloppy topping of pepperoni, olives and cheese. Allen leaned forward a little, intending to take it from her, but the other girls had wrapped their slender arms around his, restraining him.

“Mmmm! Smells good!” Carol enthused, swelling her chest.

“Sure does!” agreed Michelle.

Grinning, because even she could see where this was heading by now, Abby rose on her knees and transported the oozing slice towards Allen's mouth. Loving the attention, he bit off a messy chunk. Giggling, Carol and Michelle dived in, nipping at the pizza from either side.

Carol raised her head to pluck a strand of cheese off her chin, then recoiled in shock. “Allen! Your shirt! It's covered in pizza topping!”

Before he could react, she started unbuttoning it with her glossy-nailed fingers. “Don't worry, I'll stick this in the washer,” she reassured him. “It'll be good as new!”

Michelle helped her drag the shirt off his shoulders, which were broad and brawny from competitive surfing. “Oh, lord!” she exclaimed, her blue eyes wide, her hand resting on his muscled ribs. “It's all over his jeans too! No time to waste! Abbs, get his zip!”

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Together, the redhead and the blonde went to work on poor Allen like a pair of seasoned pros. Carol ran her hand all over his chest, then pressed her tongue to his furry nipples. Michelle leaned her face into his and gave him a kiss that seemed to last forever.

Totally overcome, he made no comment – other than an almost pathetic moan – when their hands dropped as one onto his cock. Again, the two girls seemed to function in perfect unison, one rubbing his engorged head while the other stretched down to squeeze his balls, both taking it in turns to stroke his brawny shaft.

After a few minutes of this, he had an erection that could have hammered through rock. “Ugh … fuckin' amazing!” he spluttered.

“We haven't even got started,” said Michelle, snapping her fingers for Abby to join in.

Abby had been taking in everything with a mixture of excitement and envy. It was a privilege just to see Allen like this, exposed and reduced to the status of helpless toy. Kudos to Carol and Michelle for making it happen. But at the same time, she'd been wondering when it would be her turn to get up close and personal with the handsome surfer.

But what exactly did Michelle want her to do?

Rising up on her knees, she quickly found out. Michelle grabbed the back of her head and pushed her face towards Allen's cock.

“C'mon, Abbs. We all know you're hungry for this, not pizza!”

Left to her own devices, Abby would never, ever have had the nerve. Usually, she was cautious and conservative in everything. But with Michelle insisting, the cute brunette was happy to wrap her mouth around the crown of Allen's massive dick. After all, she was only doing what she was told. No one could call her a cock-sucking slut when it was her friends who made her do it.

At least, that was how she reassured herself as she fell to with gusto. Carol's hand had joined Michelle's on her head, and the two beauties were issuing a stream of orders: “Suck that dick, Abbs! You gotta want that dick! Get it all in your mouth, good girl! Lick that shaft! Run your tongue all the way around the head!”

Abby did her best. Her reward was to hear Allen say, “Uh yeah, keep suckin'! Suck it!"

“Oooh, like that, do ya?” Carol cooed at Allen, stroking the dirty-blond hair out of his eyes. “But wouldn't you like it even more if Abby sucked your balls?”

“Oh man, suck my balls!” Allen said eagerly. "Suck those friggin' balls right off my dick!"

“You heard the dude,” Michelle demanded, patting Abby's head to get her attention. “Let's see if you can get a whole one in your mouth.”

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“You heard the lady,” snapped Carol. “Beg!”

Each seizing a muscular arm, Carol and Michelle hauled Allen off the sofa and forced him down on his knees. He was far too light-headed to resist. Not that he wanted to. Never in his whole life had he felt so turned on. His dick was ragingly hard, pointing like a rocket from between his thighs as he grovelled on the floor before the three scantily clad girls.

“Well?” said Michelle scornfully. “We can't hear you!”

Allen swallowed, his throat tight. “Uh, uh, Abby ...”

Mistress Abby,” Carol corrected.

“Mistress Abby ...” Allen gazed longingly at Abby's boobs. From down on the floor they looked more glorious than ever, like airships promising to float him straight to heaven. “Please, please make me come. Please, Mistress Abby … I … I ...”

“I … I … I ...” Carol mocked, poking him in the bottom with her glossy red shoe.

Michelle let out a silvery laugh, then whispered in Abby's ear. Grinning, Abby grabbed Allen's head and shoved his face into her cleavage.

“Keep begging!” Abby ordered him. “Tell it to my tits!”

Wrapping her little arms around his head, she squeezed with surprising strength. Her boobs, half-covered in a thin layer of lacy fabric, exploded into his face, his mouth, in waves of firm, scented flesh.

“Please,” he gasped, struggling for breath. “Oh, Abbs, I'll do anything ...”

“Anything?” Raising one slim, golden leg, Michelle plunged her bare foot between Allen's thighs and tweaked his balls. “Will you be her slave?”

“God, yes!” he moaned, his voice muffled.

“Will you worship her?” Michelle's toes stroked his shaft.

“I'll worship the fuck out of her!” he declared, rubbing his face against Abby's breasts ecstatically. “She's so fucking hot!”

“Swear it then!” Carol told him, prodding him in the butt again. “Swear to be her slave. Swear to worship her.”

Abby loosened her grip on Allen's head, enough for him to tilt his gaze up towards her. Maybe it was the buffeting from her boobs making his vision blurry, but he didn't think she had ever looked so radiant. Her sweet face, framed in dark hair, was the face of a goddess.

“I'm … I'm your slave, Abby,” he promised sincerely. “I've always been your slave and I always will.”

“Nice,” said Michelle. “Seal the deal. Kiss her feet, slave boy.”

Completely broken down and choking up with emotion, Allen dropped to his hands and knees and lavished feverish kisses on Abby's black pumps. Suddenly, Michelle planted her bare foot on the back of his neck, pushing his head down sharply to the floor.

Standing behind Allen, Carol beckoned Abby to join her. “I want to show you something, Abbs. It's going to be a whole new world of pleasure for you.”

With a wave of her elegant hand, she gestured towards Allen's bottom, which was pointing at them invitingly. Dropping to her knees, she pulled apart his muscular cheeks and displayed his tight, pink asshole.

“What do you think of that?” she asked with a wriggle of her eyebrows.

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“Oh my goodness!” Abby clapped her hands to her mouth, her neatly pencilled eyebrows shooting up into her prettily curling fringe. Then she let out a deep, earthy chuckle. “This is going to be so totally amazing!”

“Thought we'd start with the eight-incher and see how things progress from there.”

Start with the – ?” Allen's whimper was cut short by a shove from Michelle.

“Shut up, fuck-meat,” chided the blonde. “How dare you interrupt the divine Ms Carol?”

“Want to try it on, Abbs?”

“Bet your ass I do.” Abby grabbed it out of Carol's hands.

The dildo was fleshy pink in tone and a reasonable facsimile of a guy's penis. The kind you saw in porn movies, that is – it wasn't at all like the mediocre specimens Abby had encountered in real life. It was attached to a pair of sturdy black nylon panties.

Abby's heart thudded against her tight bra cups as she stepped into the contraption. She felt light-headed. At the same time she had a premonition, clear as day, that this could well be one of the most important moments in her life. She pulled the panties up over her knees, then let them snap into place.

“Whaddya think?” she asked the girls.

“Hot!” crooned the redhead and the blonde in unison.

Abby agreed. Looking down past her bulging cleavage, she admired the jauntiness of the shiny plastic head, poking out from between the folds of her sheer camisole. She ran her fingers all over it, enjoying its hardness, its springiness, its air of purpose. She could almost sense it becoming one with her.

“Abby's got a cock,” she whispered to herself.

Her gaze lifted from the strap-on to Allen's backside, still raised in readiness. Her eyes smouldered under her lashes. She bit down on her full lower lip. All of a sudden she felt so hungry for his butt.

Taking a firm grip on the eight-incher, she marched towards him. “This is it, Allen! This is where I pay you back for all those times you looked through me like I was invisible! Not invisible now, am I? Me and my big tits and my eight-inch cock!”

“Do it!” Allen moaned from under Michelle's heel. “Man, I deserve it! I'm such an ignorant asshole!”

Abby knelt between Allen's legs. She surveyed his rump with a gloating expression.

“Before you get started.” Carol handed her a tube of lubricant.

“I shouldn't bother,” said Michelle, flicking her hair and grinding down with her foot. “Let's make slave boy here scream in agony!”

“Hmm. Lemme think ...” Abby was too sweet a girl really to contemplate causing Allen actual bodily harm, but she pretended to give it some serious thought. “Allen, if you want the lube, say, Please, mistress, lube up my pooper.

“Say what?”

“Guess he doesn't want the lube.” Laughing, she prepared to mount him.

“No, no, I do … Please, mistress, lube up my pooper! Please!”

Abby stood down. Sharing a smile with her friends, she squirted a big, healthy dollop of lube onto the tip of one petite finger.

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Abby extracted her finger with a satisfying squelch, then rested the head of her eight-inch strap-on on the cleft of Allen's arse.

“Feel that nice big she-cock?” said Carol. 

“Y-yes, Mistress Carol,” whimpered Allen.

“Feels nice, doesn't it?”

“Y-yes, Mistress Carol.”

“That's right. We all know it must be turning you on like crazy, because we all know what a complete fuck-slut you are.”

“Fuck, yeah,” Allen slobbered into the carpet, “I'm a fuck-slut for big, meaty she-cock.” 

“Then show us,” said Carol, licking her lips and smiling. “Show us what a fuck-slut you are. Rub your arse against that cock like you love it.”

“Should be easy.” Michelle pressed down with her pretty foot on his neck, which had gone bright red. “He does love it, don't you, slave?”

Allen nodded and gasped. He began to roll his hips. Abby giggled with glee as his firm bum rocked up and down under her strap-on. 

“More!” Carol poked a finger into the small of his back. “Hollow out that spine! Buck that arse like you mean it!” 

He obeyed, and Abby's strap-on lifted and sank on Allen's gyrating backside like a boat on a sea swell. His hard surfer's glutes strained with the effort, turning his smooth, hairless buttocks pale. 

She glanced at her friends. Their wolfish expressions told her that now was the moment. Rising up slightly on her knees, she pushed the thick pink head of the strap-on against Allen's shiny hole. She could hardly believe what happened next. As if by magic, his anus gave way to her thrust and opened up into a glistening ring, and she was inside him. She was in Allen's hard, athletic arse.

He squeaked and groaned piteously.

“Keep bucking that arse, slave boy,” Michelle chided, her hand sliding down to touch the front of her panties.

Obediently, Allen resumed his gyrating. Abby didn't have to do anything – she just knelt there, hands on hips, watching the head of her strap-on disappear into his undulating bumhole, then half-emerge again, then sink back in. It was the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen. In the back of her mind, she'd always wondered what men were for, was there really any point to them, and now she knew: they were put on this earth to take she-cock.

“Don't tease the little slut,” said Michelle in mock sympathy, “give it to him properly. Put it all in there.”

“Is that right, slave?” asked Abby. “Do you want it all?”

Allen was now somewhat past coherent speech, but he made a choking noise and bumped his head against the floor in what might have been a nod. Almost before the sound was out of his mouth, Abby snapped her hips forward. The strap-on plunged home. She could feel his strong muscles relaxing to receive it, then clasping hold with a fervent grip. Man, he wanted that strap-on almost as much as she wanted to give it to him.

She had about four inches inside him now, but it had to be more. She went to work, driving with her pelvis, biting her lip, her glossy brown locks dancing around her moist forehead and flushed cheeks. She was aware of the girls watching, but her concentration was all on Allen's backside and the pounding she was giving it.

Then the soft, oily sound of the strap-on sliding against the walls of his anus was overlaid with a sharp slap-slap-slap … the sound of her hips coming into contact with his buttocks.

“Good girl, Abbs! You're getting it all in!” said Carol.

“You're nailing him, Abbs!” said Michelle. “What a champ! Keep at it!”

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