Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Glissements progressifs du plaisir (1974) - a CFNF film!

As you know, I'm crazy about CFNM, but I'm also equally into CFNF (Clothed Female Nude Female), especially when it involves some kind of twist, such as the CF being younger and the NF older, or the CF pretty and the NF plain.

That's why I was delighted to come across this French film from the 1970s, Glissements progressifs due Plaisir (trans, Successive Slidings of Pleasure). Plotwise, it's a fragmented and almost bafflingly arty story about a bewitching and witch-like girl (AnicĂ©e Alvina) who is taken into custody and interrogated after apparently stabbing to death an older woman (Olga Georges-Picot) whom she has been holding in thrall. I'm no film critic, so I can't really comment on its virtues or otherwise as a movie, but what's exciting about it from my point of view is that the director clearly seems to share one of my favourite fetishes.

I say this because the film includes several striking CFNF scenes, with Alvina as the CF and Georges-Picot as the NF. In one, Alvina, paints Georges-Picot's breasts; in another, she removes various layers of drapery until Georges-Picot in naked; in yet another, she dresses the nude woman in a PVC coat and high heels. And in the lengthiest and most striking of all, she breaks raw eggs over George-Picot's naked body and follows up by pouring wine all over her.

The cinematography is unabashedly full-frontal, and there's a powerful atmosphere as the girl totally dominates the older woman, who is essentially a human doll in her hands. CFNF at its best!

Admittedly, Alvina has a couple of nude scenes of her own elsewhere in the movie (speaking as a CFNF kinkster, I would have preferred it if she hadn't), but she remains clothed in all of her scenes with Georges-Picot, while Georges-Picot is repeatedly required to bare all in front of her.

When they shot the movie, Alvina was 21 and relatively new to film, while Georges-Picot was 34 and had already been a working actress for almost fifteen years (her credits include a Woody Allen picture and The Day of the Jackal). You can't help but wonder what went through this mature redhead's mind as she shot scene after scene completely in the nude in front of this beautiful young girl 13 years her junior? Why did she take a part that was so submissive and revealing? Was it for money? Was it for art? Or was it because it appealed to some masochistic fantasy deep inside of her? My hope is that she really got off on exposing herself so thoroughly, and it certainly seems that way to judge by her constantly erect nipples. As for Alvina, she seems thoroughly into her domineering, voyeuristic role, and who can blame her? Watching it makes me itch to crack a few raw eggs on a submissive nude myself.

As there aren't many movies out there which embody the more unusual kinks, I just wanted to share my enthusiasm with you. Now, if only the director had made a CFNM sequel!

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Spanked by Her Stepdaughter on Amazon - the saga concludes

More good news about the novella formerly known as SPANKED BY HER STEPDAUGHTER. It's now available, virtually unchanged, as a Kindle eBook from Amazon under the title Blonde Spanks Brunette (and thanks very much to the quick-eyed fans who have already snapped up a copy!). Meanwhile, it's still available under its old title and with a slightly different cover on Smashwords. Confusing? A little. But we like confusing. And that, folks, concludes the saga of SbHS.

While I have your attention, I might as well let you know that your Cassie hasn't been idle and I have indeed embarked upon my new CFNM story, which will be about an older woman and a younger man. I haven't actually penned a single word of it yet, but I have written a detailed synopsis. Yes, a synopsis. For an erotica story. Who would have thunk? It goes something like this...

Chapter One - Older woman and younger man sad. They meet. They look. Her gives her a hot flush, she gives him a hard-on.
Chapter Two - she gets his trousers down.
Chapter Three - she sucks his cock.
Chapter Four - she sucks his cock and licks his balls. Older woman and younger man happy.

...only a bit more complicated. In fact, it's shaping up to be more of an erotic novel that straight erotica, with lots of character development and stuff thrown in, but I guarantee that the theme of Clothed Female Nude Male will remain front and centre throughout.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Spanked by Her Stepdaughter - the saga continues

My latest novella continues to have a troubled history that is sure to baffle future bibliographers and doesn't do my poor little head much good either.

Anyways, having once again run into trouble, the paperback formerly known as SPANKED BY HER STEPDAUGHTER is now available under the title BLONDE SPANKS BRUNETTE. Different title, same book. The eBook continues to be available from Smashwords under the original title. Apologies to anyone who tried to buy it in paperback under the original title only to see it suddenly withdrawn. That's life on the cutting edge of erotica publishing for you.

Oh, and here's the new cover. Bit of virginal white there. Looks a bit funny if you just see the front, but the whole wraparound effect is actually quite nice.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Cassie Caine in Paperback

Just to mention, in case you hadn't noticed, that in the last few months Cassie Caine has finally escaped from the digital realm and become available in actual paperbacks that you can hold and... well, back to that in a mo.

Anyway, the latest is my recent novella Spanked by Her Stepdaughter, which is already proving to be very popular in eBook. At only 25,000 words long, this is a slim little volume, but hopefully very potent, and the price isn't too steep either - $6.50 (the minimum I could make it) or the equivalent. It's available as I write from CreateSpace and you should be able to get it through Amazon, etc, soon. Who knows, maybe it will even turn up in your local kinky bookstore? Wouldn't that be something?

Here's the paperback cover:

This joins the two other paperbacks which are already available. Adventures of a Nude Art Model: Complete gathers together in one volume the entire story of timid 40-year-old librarian Sophie and her discovery of the excitement of baring all for art. It's another one of my most popular tales. Meanwhile, CFNM Stories is a bumper volume which collects all of my Clothed Female Nude Male novellas with the exception of my LITTLE DICK stories, which I hope to round off soon and publish separately. It's a one-stop shop for CFNM goodness, with lots of haughty heroines learning how to dominate the men in their lives.

As for why for might want to own Cassie Caine in an old-fangled as opposed to a digital format - well, eBooks are all very well, but just think what you can do with a paperback. You can turn to your favourite chapter and prop it open in the cleft of your partner's ass. You can give someone a jolly good spanking with it. You can read it in the bath. You can kiss it and fondle it, or persuade someone else to kiss it and fondle it. You can carry it around in public, no anonymity, the cover and title telling everyone, "Yes, I am a bit of a kinkster, so what?"

Hmm. My boyfriend's still fast asleep on this Sunday morning, having a lie-in. Think I'm gonna go and try that book-in-the-cleft-of-the-ass thing now...

UPDATE 18/2/14:

Sorry, SPANKED BY HER STEPDAUGHTER won't be available in paperback from CreateSpace after all, boo! Apologies to anyone who tried to order it. Stayed tuned for more news...

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Spanked by Her Stepdaughter

"Too hot for Amazon!" There, that's the unofficial tagline for my new novella, which is only available on Smashwords at the moment, the big A having had issues with its content.

To be fair, I can kind of see their point, because the story centres around several forced spankings. Morally iffy, I hold my hands up to it.

In my defence, all I can really say is that this reflects a genuine fantasy/fetish of mine which I find sexy, and that hopefully by writing about it in a light, comedic way, I've kept the whole thing firmly in the realm of a titillating fantasy.

I might look into releasing it as a slim paperback, but otherwise, if you want to read it, you'll have to go to Smashwords. (And if you want to check out the first chapter, please go to the sample page of this blog.)

And if you really feel I went too far this time, maybe you should grab me by my ear, bend me over your knee and give me tend of the best! I won't protest - much!

Rich, spoilt and bone idle, petite 30-year-old beauty Maria has the perfect life. That is, until she picks a fight with her 19-year-old stepdaughter, the tall, beautiful and extremely wilful Tori. The gorgeous teen retaliates by giving the tiny brunette a spanking she will never forget, and that's only the start of Maria's humiliations...
Stripped, forced to wait on Tori hand and foot and regularly given a very sore bottom, Maria quickly discovers that she has set out on a journey that can only end in her total and utter submission.
Witty, irreverent, unblushingly explicit and totally hot, SPANKED BY HER STEPDAUGHTER is another sizzling tale from Cassie Caine, author of ADVENTURES OF A NUDE ART MODEL and ONLY ONE NAKED. It should appeal to fans of BDSM, exhibitionism and rosy backsides.
Warning: Contains explicit references to full-frontal nudity
Length: 25,000 words approx (novella)
Available from Smashwords, $2.99 approx.