Monday, 17 September 2012

CFNM Model

Hi folks, yes, it's time for another Cassie Caine ebook. This one is a bright and breezy romp through the theme of Clothed Female Nude Male, with two spunky female leads and guys to suit all tastes - several hunks, a wimp with a little dick, and a slightly podgy older bloke. There's fun 'n' games, little dick teasing, forced masturbation, wanking competitions, footjobs, all against the setting of a lazy summer in the ancient, sleepy university town of Dalchester - otherwise known as CFNM central. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

When her friend Jess drags her along to watch the World Naked Bike Ride, shy teenager Kelly is initially nervous of all the male flesh on show. But then she finds herself posing for photographs next to the handsome Ian, whose girlfriend Samantha is so impressed, she invites Kelly to model for their CFNM website. Meanwhile, with both teens becoming ardent converts to the fetish of Clothed Female Nude Male, they set about stripping some of their male friends, including wimpy little dick Darren and hunky Greg.

With cocks big and small being fondled, and guys young and old being forced to expose every inch of themselves, this is a light-hearted CFNM tale with something for everyone. It's also the uplifting story of a sensitive, lovely teen who learns that she was put on this earth to make men grovel. Another sizzling slice of erotica from CASSIE CAINE, author of ANNA AND HER MASTER and CASTLE OF CFNM.

Adults only: contains graphic sexual imagery
Length: 19,000 words approx (short novella)
Available from Amazon for $2.99 approx