Friday, 9 March 2012

Slave to the Belt

Apologies if I've been neglecting my blogging and tweeting recently, I've been rushing manically to complete another erotic tale. This one is named SLAVE TO THE BELT and it's a bit of a departure for me in several ways.

For starters, it's my first attempt to include a male point of view in the narrative. As usual, the central character is female, but this time we get to find out what the guys are thinking as well.

I've also changed things up in a big way by setting my story in America. As a British writer, this meant trying to write in an American accent. Did I pull it off? Eek, guess I'll have to wait and find out – I'm sure you'll let me know, folks …

But why would I do such a foolhardy thing? Well, first off, the story kinda came to me that way. A glitzy-yet-seedy L.A. seemed the natural backdrop for my twisted tale. I suppose I could have gone for a London setting instead, but as a writer you ignore your first instincts at your peril.

Also, American culture has an enormous grip on my imagination, so there was no problem getting my creative juices flowing. Plus, I just love a challenge.

Anyway, I hope my American readers won't be offended by my hubris, and will be gracious enough to turn a blind eye to any, er, schoolgirl errors. I've posted the first chapter of SLAVE TO THE BELT on the Samples page, so please check it out and let me know what you think. Please go easy on me, though – it's not like I'm a glutton for punishment ...

Having failed as a lingerie model, Crystal Jones becomes the plaything of talent agent Elliott de Vries, who ruthlessly exploits her masochistic tendencies, sequestering her in a Santa Monica apartment and beating her with the belts that are her ultimate fetish. Stunningly beautiful but shy and withdrawn, Crystal lets her sadistic master become her entire life.

But then Elliott tells her to seduce handsome Nick Paloumbas, the son of a New York media mogul. Crystal and Nick fall in love, but can Nick save her, or will she draw him into her perverse and corrupt world?

One thing is for sure, many painful and humiliating ordeals await Crystal in this intense erotic drama.

With explicit sadomasochistic action including spanking, whipping and choking, SLAVE TO THE BELT is perhaps the toughest and most uncompromising story yet from Cassie Caine, author of ANNA AND HER MASTER and CFNM GODDESS.

Warning: This book contains explicit sexual imagery.

Length: 24,500 words approx

Available for $3.50 approx from Amazon.

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