Thursday, 12 July 2012

Castle of CFNM

Sorry for the lack of recent posts and twitter updates, but I've been beavering away at my latest ebook, CASTLE OF CFNM. This is a wee bit different from some of my previous stories in that it's set back at the turn of the last century and features erotic goings on at a remote Carpathian castle. But whatever the era, some things never change: the girls still strut around in pretty clothes, while the guys still bare all and get soundly pegged with strap-ons (antique strap-ons this time, though, so that's a little different.)

At 20,000 words, it's one of my longer tales, and it takes a little while to warm up, so don't be put off if there's not masses of male nudity in the sample chapter. But once it gets going, there's a whole smorgasbord of sexiness. There's a fat angry Santa type who gets teased into delirium by some delectable twins. There's a petulant young guy with a little dick who needs a good spanking. And there's a ultra-fit guy whose bottom gets well and truly hammered by a luscious 18-year-old girl.

I hope you enjoy my first attempt at historical erotica. Do please let me know what you think. Should I be writing more of this kind of thing, or do you prefer a contemporary setting? And thanks so much for your continued support. It means a lot to me to know my work is being read and, hopefully, getting people hot and bothered ... in a good way.

On a journey through the Carpathians in the early 1900s, Silas Kettering and his two lovely daughters, Nina and Irma, are forced to take shelter from a storm in Castle Norbad. That night, all three have wonderful adventures into CFNM – Clothed Female Nude Male. Fat, elderly Silas is stripped and dominated by a pair of cute, bubbly twins. Irma finds a nearly naked young man in a dungeon … but will she release him or continue his torture? And 18-year-old Nina can't resist visiting the Count's chamber in the hope of feasting her eyes on his nude flesh.

By the time dawn comes, dicks big and little have been teased until they explode, male bottoms have been bared, inspected, spanked and thoroughly pegged, and these prim Edwardians have learned the delights of female domination and male nudity. A first foray into historical erotica for Cassie Caine, author of CFNM GODDESS, ANNA AND HER MASTER and a host of other intelligently filthy titles.

Length: 20,000 words approx (short novella)
Warning: Adults only. This book contains explicit subject matter and imagery.
Available from Amazon for $2.99 approx.

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