Friday, 6 January 2012


I love a bit of porn, folks. But to really capture my imagination, it has to offer more than a couple of oily bodies on a leather sofa in a rented house in LA. A good storyline, for example. Nice photography and costumes. A few jokes. I'm not asking for Citizen Kane, but I appreciate some kind of effort.

It's not just that these elements are entertaining in themselves, although they often are. Having a decent script or a technically demanding shoot also seems to bring out a different side to the on-screen talent. They can't hide behind their cocks and pussies any more. Suddenly they're people. Relatable people. Which makes it even more satisfying when they throw off their clothes and indulge in triple-x nooky.

DaringSex are an excellent example of porn going that extra mile. Under Galleries, you can find links to some ravishing examples of their work. The models are gorgeous in a classy way, and clearly deeply involved in what they're doing. The settings, rich in gilt and brocades, have a luscious Eurotrash vibe, and the girls get to parade around in some delish retro lingerie and accessories.

There's an exquisite attention to detail, to sheer visual beauty. But at the same time, DaringSex films have warmth. The sex comes across as tender, lyrical and heartfelt. Anyone fond of the glossy, big budget blue movies of the 70s – Emmanuelle, The Story of O – or the graphic novels of Guido Crepax and Milo Manara will relish this sophisticated oeuvre.

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