Thursday, 5 January 2012

January Updates

Hey, folks, hope everyone had a great New Year! One of my penpals suggested 2012 should be the year of CFNM. I'm in! Girls, let's get some T-shirts printed. Guys, you might have to settle for a sticky badge.

You probably know this already, but the wonderful Ardor has now written Part 5 of our chain story, Girl's Night In. You can read it here. What a pleasure it is to collaborate with such a fine erotica writer. Part 6 will follow anon - anon being short for as soon I've sat down with a strong coffee and my worry balls and figured out where the story's going next.

I've also made a tentative start on my new ebook. It's a something of a departure for me, as it's a BDSM tale with the girl in the submissive role. So far it's going slowly, with lots of rewrites, but I hope it'll pick up once the delicate, porcelain-skinned heroine is introduced to the cat-o'-nine-tails and an anal impaler. Much as I love CFNM, it's nice to take a break and explore some of my other kinks - believe me, I have plenty!

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