Thursday, 2 February 2012

Anna And Her Master

If you've been noticing a lack of recent updates and wondering what has become of me, the answer is I've been scribbling away at my latest story, which is now available from Amazon. Anna And Her Master is a change from my usual CFNM tales -- this time, it's all about whipping and spanking, and the submissive role is taken by the female character.

Why the new direction? Well, I've always said that CFNM isn't the only fetish that appeals to me, although it certainly has a special place in my heart. This time I wanted to write a story than puts the pleasure of pain front and centre, and also change things up by looking at things from the point of view of the submissive character. And, as I like my central characters to be women, that pretty much dictated a master-slavegirl dynamic.

So what's this new story like? Well, it's as sexually explicit as anything as I've written before, but there's a tender, romantic strain too, and plenty of my usual catty humour. I really grew fond of these characters, and if the first installment of their adventures is a success, there's every chance I'll return to them soon.

Does this mean I've abandoned CFNM? Definitely not, but I do hope you enjoy this excursion into new territory.

You can find an excerpt from Anna And Her Master on the Samples page of this blog.

When shy, troubled Anna reluctantly attends an exclusive fetish event, she catches the eye of domineering but sensitive Oscar. Soon he's introducing her to the pleasures of kneeling at his feet and being soundly spanked across his knee. And then there's the state-of-the-art dungeon awaiting her in the basement of his luxury London home. Manacled, whipped and used in every orifice, Anna believes she is at last learning what it truly means to be loved. But what will her nosy friend Cleo and her boss, playboy philanthropist Nigel Duneden, make of Anna's descent into an orgy of masochism?

With drama, romance and a cat o' nine tails, ANNA AND HER MASTER is an explicit and passionate portrait of a dominant-submissive relationship from the author of CFNM PRINCESS and CFNM GODDESS.

Warning: Adults Only. This book contains explicit sexual imagery.

Length: 23,400 words (novella)

Available from Amazon for $3.50 approx.

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