Monday, 13 February 2012

My First CFNM Experience, plus updates

Here's a link to my latest post for ExtremeCFNM - the topic, My First CFNM Experience. Reading back on it, gotta confess, it doesn't seem like much of a tribute to such a momentous occasion in my young life. Perhaps that's why I resisted writing about it for so long - fear that my prose wouldn't be up to the task. Hmm, maybe I was a bit burnt out from having just finished Anna and Her Master, or maybe I would've been more comfortable had I turned the material into fiction rather than told it straight. Anyway, there it is!

Talking of Anna and Her Master, it seems all set to become my bestselling title yet, so, uh, spanks for the support, folks (sorry, couldn't resist ye olde fetish joke.) Seriously, though, getting such a positive response is great because it encourages me to keep on trying new things and expanding my range. Your industrious little scribe has already started her next erotic tale - more on that later ...

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