Thursday, 24 July 2014

Well, that took longer than expected

Yeah, sorry about that. There I was talking about a late April release date, and here we are in late July. What occurred? you ask. Well, um, there was the weather (I'm resenting any time I don't spend in a bikini - or less - at the mo). There was the World Cup (I do not and have never condoned biting - unless it's in bed). There was Wimbledon (I can't blame Andy Murray, I wouldn't have minded being thrashed by Dimitrov either). And I did honestly do quite a bit of work too.

But anyway, never mind, here it is at last, CFNM COUGAR - a proper novel (at least I hope so) on the theme of Clothed Female Nude Male. Being a novel, it has quite a bit of novelly stuff in it, characters and their problems and so forth. But it also has plenty of sex and male nudity. It's by way, I suppose, of being a sex comedy, and getting the balance of elements right isn't easy. Have I managed? It's up to you to judge. But I've learned a lot from seeing it through from start to finish and I'm sure I'll grow as a writer as a result. I just hope that a few readers grow (you know where) as the result of reading it.

More details about the book are down below. I'll round off by adding that, now that's done and dusted, I'll try to get back to posting more comments and pix here and on Twitter. If I fail in this mission, write in and chastise me. You know I like it!

In her late 40s, Jessica Fraser, ex-swimwear model, is still drop-dead gorgeous, but she's also painfully shy, a bit depressed, and it doesn't help that her marriage seems to have lost its spark. She badly needs something to lift her out of her doldrums. And she finds it when she attends a lively annual get-together with some old friends from the fashion world. The theme – CFNM, or Clothed Female Nude Male.

A few drinks, a couple of zero calorie canap├ęs and several handfuls of muscular young flesh later, Jessica is hooked. But what does this mean for Adam, the young gardener who is secretly harbouring a crush on her back at home? And can Jessica really put aside her self-doubts and embrace being a CFNM Cougar?

A witty sex comedy from Cassie Caine, the author of CFNM GODDESS, ADVENTURES OF A NUDE ART MODEL and BLONDE SPANKS BRUNETTE.

Length: 60,000 words approx (novel)

Warning: Contains adult material
For the eBook, $6.99 approx., go here
For the paperback, &14.99 approx., go here

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