Saturday, 20 September 2014

The Beast and Immoral Tales - classic '70s erotica

Just been reading that a couple of classic '70s erotica movies have been released on Blu-ray this month - The Beast and Immoral Tales, both by the eccentric Polish director Walerian Borowczyk (try typing that with false nails!).

I haven't actually checked out the new releases, but they sound fab, very high-def and all that, and I have seen both movies before as part of my in-depth research into rude and nude. Tbh, neither film actually presses my fetish buttons to any great degree, but I do admire the way that they straddle the fine line beneath artiness and perviness.

If I remember right, Immoral Tales has the most nudity of the two (mainly female, with a glimpse of willy here and there), but my favourite is probably The Beast, because of a couple of scenes. The movie is set in a crumbly old mansion btw, lorded over by a evil count, who's trying to marry off his son to a comely young heirless who comes visiting to tie the knot. There's a nice bit where a girl (au pair? Maybe, I can't remember) is jumping the bones of a handsome black butler, and she grinds hard with her pelvis against his groin while his appendage (it's a big one!) is sliding around underneath her (strange how I remember that but not exactly what her job title is!).

The other bit I like is when the heirless goes haring around the house in the nuddy, slipping and sliding comically on the polished floors, and her aunt/governess or whatever comes out to comfort-dash-fondle her. For me, this particular scene ticks only one naked and clothed female nude female boxes, and hence it gives me a particular frisson. I also always appreciate it when people try to combine nudity with comedy - yes, naked people can make you smile :) Both films are very interesting though, and well worth checking out on blu. I'm sure those flesh tones look delish.


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