Saturday, 21 April 2012

CFNM Little Dick 2

Attention teen weenies, and lovers thereof! I'm happy to announce the release of  CFNM LITTLE DICK 2, another instalment in the Femdom adventures of that dommelicious cutey Imogen and her faithful boar-bristle brush. As with the first instalment, this is CFNM laced with some bollock-jangling BDSM and, of course, plenty of vigorous strap-on action and twisted goings-on. Have I gone too far this time? I do slightly wonder. Up to you to decide, folks.

Adrian, Imogen's hapless plaything, is back, and the Bitch Goddess also meets up with Hal from Texas (mentioned but not seen in Part 1.) A sentimental little thing at heart, she's thrilled to be reunited with the 50-year-old's stubby cock and big bulging balls. Another addition to team B.G. is Charlie, a highly-strung sissy boy who needs lots of spanking and scolding to get him into shape – but he makes up for it by looking mouth-watering in nylon stockings.

I'm pretty excited, because this is the first time I've actually managed to pen a sequel to one of my little ebooks. (What's that? You're still waiting for Part Two of ANNA AND HER MASTER? I know, I know, I'm sorry, chain me to my laptop and whack my knuckles with a ruler.) And let me say, I probably wouldn't have managed it if I hadn't been buoyed up by the number of messages I've had from bijou males, pleasantly surprised at me outing myself as a little dick fanatic.

Who knows, maybe boasting about having a little dick will become one of 2012's big trends! I can just picture Brad, George and Matt leaping on the bandwagon. "Yeah, we all measured ourselves one crazy night. George is the smallest. Lucky guy!"

Anyhow, all the details are below, and as usual the first chapter can be found on the Samples page. Hope you enjoy it. 

The Bitch Goddess is back with a vengeance in this saucy sequel to CFNM LITTLE DICK. While her boyfriend Norbert is away over Easter, teen sadist Imogen amuses herself by reducing shy, underendowed university lecturer Adrian Kent to new levels of abject naked slavery. She also reunites with an old conquest, Hal from Texas, and seduces a shy sissy boy named Charlie, introducing him to the delights of CFNM – Clothed Female Nude Male – as well as the pleasures of donning women's underwear. Her strap-on dildo and boar-bristle brush have never been more in demand as she gets busy making these little dicks jiggle.

Because little dick men must be naked slaves – it's Imogen's law.

Spankings, strap-on play, cock and ball torture, unusual anal insertions, these boys get just what they deserve – and all delivered with a winning smile from the adorable Bitch Goddess.

With a delightfully domineering young heroine, three totally exposed men and a parade of tiny willies, CFNM LITTLE DICK 2 is another instalment of cutting-edge Femdom erotica from the author of CFNM GODDESS and ANNA AND HER MASTER.

Warning: this story contains explicit sexual imagery.

Length: 16,300 words approx (short novella)

Available from Amazon for $2.99 approx.

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