Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Spanked by Her Stepdaughter

"Too hot for Amazon!" There, that's the unofficial tagline for my new novella, which is only available on Smashwords at the moment, the big A having had issues with its content.

To be fair, I can kind of see their point, because the story centres around several forced spankings. Morally iffy, I hold my hands up to it.

In my defence, all I can really say is that this reflects a genuine fantasy/fetish of mine which I find sexy, and that hopefully by writing about it in a light, comedic way, I've kept the whole thing firmly in the realm of a titillating fantasy.

I might look into releasing it as a slim paperback, but otherwise, if you want to read it, you'll have to go to Smashwords. (And if you want to check out the first chapter, please go to the sample page of this blog.)

And if you really feel I went too far this time, maybe you should grab me by my ear, bend me over your knee and give me tend of the best! I won't protest - much!

Rich, spoilt and bone idle, petite 30-year-old beauty Maria has the perfect life. That is, until she picks a fight with her 19-year-old stepdaughter, the tall, beautiful and extremely wilful Tori. The gorgeous teen retaliates by giving the tiny brunette a spanking she will never forget, and that's only the start of Maria's humiliations...
Stripped, forced to wait on Tori hand and foot and regularly given a very sore bottom, Maria quickly discovers that she has set out on a journey that can only end in her total and utter submission.
Witty, irreverent, unblushingly explicit and totally hot, SPANKED BY HER STEPDAUGHTER is another sizzling tale from Cassie Caine, author of ADVENTURES OF A NUDE ART MODEL and ONLY ONE NAKED. It should appeal to fans of BDSM, exhibitionism and rosy backsides.
Warning: Contains explicit references to full-frontal nudity
Length: 25,000 words approx (novella)
Available from Smashwords, $2.99 approx.

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