Saturday, 22 February 2014

Spanked by Her Stepdaughter on Amazon - the saga concludes

More good news about the novella formerly known as SPANKED BY HER STEPDAUGHTER. It's now available, virtually unchanged, as a Kindle eBook from Amazon under the title Blonde Spanks Brunette (and thanks very much to the quick-eyed fans who have already snapped up a copy!). Meanwhile, it's still available under its old title and with a slightly different cover on Smashwords. Confusing? A little. But we like confusing. And that, folks, concludes the saga of SbHS.

While I have your attention, I might as well let you know that your Cassie hasn't been idle and I have indeed embarked upon my new CFNM story, which will be about an older woman and a younger man. I haven't actually penned a single word of it yet, but I have written a detailed synopsis. Yes, a synopsis. For an erotica story. Who would have thunk? It goes something like this...

Chapter One - Older woman and younger man sad. They meet. They look. Her gives her a hot flush, she gives him a hard-on.
Chapter Two - she gets his trousers down.
Chapter Three - she sucks his cock.
Chapter Four - she sucks his cock and licks his balls. Older woman and younger man happy.

...only a bit more complicated. In fact, it's shaping up to be more of an erotic novel that straight erotica, with lots of character development and stuff thrown in, but I guarantee that the theme of Clothed Female Nude Male will remain front and centre throughout.

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