Thursday, 20 February 2014

Spanked by Her Stepdaughter - the saga continues

My latest novella continues to have a troubled history that is sure to baffle future bibliographers and doesn't do my poor little head much good either.

Anyways, having once again run into trouble, the paperback formerly known as SPANKED BY HER STEPDAUGHTER is now available under the title BLONDE SPANKS BRUNETTE. Different title, same book. The eBook continues to be available from Smashwords under the original title. Apologies to anyone who tried to buy it in paperback under the original title only to see it suddenly withdrawn. That's life on the cutting edge of erotica publishing for you.

Oh, and here's the new cover. Bit of virginal white there. Looks a bit funny if you just see the front, but the whole wraparound effect is actually quite nice.

1 comment:

  1. such a glorious view into the lifestyle of bdsm. thank you miss Cassie for the arousing story! i suggest you all read this story. just have a towel handy!