Monday, 22 September 2014

The Forbidden Daughters (1927) a silent era stag film

Keeping with the retro theme of my recent posts, I just thought I'd bring you a link to a short one-reeler silent film from way back in 1927 - dawn of time stuff which a penpal on Fetlife drew to my attention. The one thing that always really depresses me about the past is the thought that no one got their end away or at the very least had the opportunity to ogle some beautiful naked bodies. Cheerily, this film seems to suggest that that's not the case at all. Who knew so many girls back in 1927 were willing to take all their clothes off? And not only is this little movie full of full-fronted naked girls, they're nice and smooth too - not a bush in sight! No naked guys, sigh, but you can't have everything I guess.

The plot, by the way... yes, it has a plot, kinda... the plot is to do with a young lady, Alva, who goes looking for her fiancé, who's gone and gotten himself lost in the African jungle somewhere and has been taken prisoner by an African princess. Trying to get the lowdown on his exact location, she visits a Rajah and gets a peek at his well-stocked harem...

These days, it's all very gigglesome, and if you've a mind to be offended, it will probably be at the racial stereotyping rather that the array of female flesh. But actually, I'm going to stick up for it and say I quite like it. From what I've seen of silent films, the women usually look like complete frights, and at least whoever made this managed to ensure that his actresses/models photograph nicely. Looking good for 90 years plus, girls!

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