Sunday, 9 March 2014

Female nudity in CFNM - a problem?

One of the issues I frequently bump up against as a writer of CFNM erotica and as a fan of the fetish is just how rigidly CF the girls should be. Ideally, for me, they shouldn't show so much as the edge of the a nipple. But what if a CF and a NM want to have sex? What do you do then?

Usually, in my stories, I deal with this by having the NM's eyes covered: she has bared herself a little, but he can't see it (and hands off, no touching either!).  Another option is the one taken by a shoot by PureCFNM. Here, a girl essentially nominates herself from the group to get down and dirty.

As you can see from these pix, the redhead not only bares her pussy, she also exposes herself emotionally by flushing and gasping as she savours the guy's cock inside her. In effect, what this does is to place her in a special lower status to the other girls, more on a par with the naked guy, and this leaves the other girls free to maintain full femdom credentials and gloat over the spectacle, fully clothed. You can see more of the shoot here.

In fact, now I think about it, one of my all-time faves of PureCFNM shoots also involved female nudity. I'm speaking of the one where model Lolly Badcock has sex with a massively hung stud in front of an audience of innocent young girls.

The moment I especially like is the one depicted in the last pic, where he's taking her over the table. She's scrabbling to support herself against his thrusts and forced to look straight at the watching girls, who look right back at her, amazed at what they're seeing. Here it's almost as if Lolly has become a different species from the tittering, modestly clothed girls observing her getting pounded. (See more of the shoot here.)

Actually, all things considered, maybe I do like the occasional bit of female nudity in CFNM after all!

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  1. Female nudity is awesome, but... does it have a place in CFNM.. or more importantly, is it CFNM once its NFNM?!

    I think to be DFNM it has to be clothed female, but that doesn't mean fully clothed, all wrapped up with nothing showing. The best CFNM is where the woman is revealingly dressed - teasingly so. So there's still option for sex, if she has a skirt or dress on, she can easily straddle the man without having to be naked. I saw an amateur CFNM video once, the woman was in nothing but a slinky ballgown type thing, and ended up with her sitting on his face, it worked very well.

    So.. straight porn is one thing, CFNM is quite another. I don't think the two should really be so readily put together. Leave them separate.