Tuesday, 27 December 2011

CFNM Princess Reader Review

It's not often my little ebooks get reviewed, so even a brief reader's comment is a big event for me. A special thanks, then, to the guy who gave CFNM Princess 1 out of 5 stars on Amazon, for this reason: "The female character in the story humiliates the male character. Yuck. I find this unappealing and I couldn't read anymore because I was so turned off." Yeah, well, guy, there is a kind of hint about the subject-matter in the title ...

Still, always nice to see someone going that extra mile to kick an indie author, especially at Christmas!


  1. I'm sorry I didn't notice this post sooner. That's really upsetting when a reviewer gives such a low rating solely to show disdain for the type of story. The review doesn't tell anyone anything about the story, it just tells us about a certain type of story he doesn't like. I think potential readers will look at that review and throw it out. Obviously the people you want to read your story do like stories of that type, so that review won't influence them. Actually, it might help because the story has those elements to such a degree that they offended someone who wasn't looking for that. In other words, this is a story about a female who humiliates a male...and it's HOT!! Hot enough to turn off someone who doesn't like that sort of thing. Still, no fun getting one star like that. A reviewer gave an excerpt of Courting Her one star when it went up at Every Night Erotica, and I know it was a reflection of their dislike for the femdom genre, and not my story in particular. But it did still bug me. So, I'm sorry, Cassie. But keep at it! Plenty of readers do like your stories, from what I've been hearing (reading).

  2. Although the star rating hurts by pulling down the average, I wouldn't see this review as a negative, because the reviewer makes it clear that the dislike had nothing to do with the quality of writing and also makes it clear that those who like what he doesn't will probably like the story.

    I'm a huge fan of John Waters and he bemoans the fact that he hasn't been allowed to put quotes from negative reviews on his film posters in recent years, because the distributors don't like the idea. But there's nothing like a "Shocking...this sort of thing shouldn't be allowed!" to generate interest.

    The most annoying ratings I find are low ratings with no explanation given. I get lots of one star ratings from people who don't say why they didn't like the story. If they said, "It's just not my thing", it would be alright, but a one star rating without a qualifying statement tends to suggest something poorly written or flat-out boring.