Friday, 23 December 2011

Only One Naked

What's this? Another Cassie Caine ebook, hot on the heels of CFNM Sugar Daddy? And, this time, not about CFNM? Well, I first issued Only One Naked a few months ago under another pen name, precisely because it isn't about CFNM. It does, though, cover two closely related fetishes - CFNF (Clothed Female Nude Female) and only one naked (or OON, as we kinksters like to call it.) Both of which are, in my humble opinion, super sexy.

CFNM is, for me, a very special fetish because it turns so many expectations and stereotypes on their heads. (A gorgeous, sexily dressed teen girl ogling and fondling the naked body of a middle aged man is a massive turn-on, but also wonderfully subversive, and therein lies the fun.)  But CFNF shares some of the same frisson, and has its own fascinating wrinkles (for instance, a plain girl stripping for a pretty one, or a milf baring all for a cheerleader type.) And OON  ramps up the clothed-unclothed contrast by having the naked person outnumbered, encircled, inspected from all sides.

Oh, and here's some CFNF from a Penthouse photoshoot ... nice!

Anyway, because the fetishes do have so much in common, and because I'm fond of this high-spirited little ebook, I'd decided to bring it under the Cassie Caine name. I hope you enjoy it, and do let me know if you'd like to read more stories concerning the textile-challenged heroine. More details below, and you can read an excerpt on the Samples page.

Talking of reading, Part 4 of the chain story Girl's Night In is now up -- you can find it on the Chain Story page, where there are also find links to Ardor's half of the tale.

Ever obliging, Maisie agrees to run her aunt's quaint old bookshop while she's away. However, the lovely 22-year-old redhead soon gets strange requests from some of her customers – requests which bring out her latent exhibitionist tendencies. Whether it's modelling for an art class or meeting some senior citizens, her adventures always end with Maisie as the only one naked.

If you love CFNF (Clothed Female, Nude Female) fun and the idea of one person naked in a crowd, then you'll relish Cassie Caine's sparkling, witty and highly explicit stories, featuring the first two of Maisie's adventures into solo nudity.

Length: 11,000 words approx (two short stories)

Available from Amazon for $2.99 approx.

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