Monday, 12 December 2011

Kara Price - my kind of vixen

Occasionally I come across guys who seem to really struggle with the notion that a girl can be simultaneously young, gorgeous, outspoken, articulate and deeply, deeply depraved. Those guys should check out lovely porn starlet Kara Price, who is utterly exquisite, wickedly perverse and sharp as a pin. Kara has a red-hot site, and she's also planning to pen a blog. I for one can't wait to read the outpourings of her unique mind. Incidentally, she also writes verse -- wonder if she'll give us a poem about CFNM some day?

I'm very taken with this yummy starlet, and my new Yuletide fantasy is to wake up on Christmas morning to find an extra-large stocking at the foot of my bed with Kara wriggling around handcuffed inside it. Please, Santa, I've been such a good girl, honest  ...

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