Tuesday, 27 December 2011


By now, you've probably checked out the main CFNM Gallery, featuring some great images from ExtremeCFNM and LoverBoysUSA. But there's more. More? Yep, that's what I said. To the right of the page, you can find a whole cornucopia of links to other galleries, hand-picked by yours truly for sheer, laptop-melting sexiness.

Among them are some of my all-time favourite shoots from PureCFNM. I'm a big fan of the work these guys do, mainly because it very much reflects my own taste in CFNM. It's CFNM minus BDSM and with only the mildest of femdom trappings. It's full of humour and high spirits, in a way that recalls saucy seaside postcards and Carry On films. Again and again in their work, there's this delicious contrast between the girls, firm of tit and ass and clad in the clingiest of outfits, and the naked guys with their weedy, average physiques and disproportionately large wangers. The female models give great energy in their often hilarious facial expressions, while the male models look understandably blissed out as they're stroked to orgasm by teasing fingers.

If, by any chance, you're unfamiliar with PureCFNM's work, you'll definitely want to explore their classic moments, such as the delightful Handjob Competition. Enjoy!

CFNM Princess Reader Review

It's not often my little ebooks get reviewed, so even a brief reader's comment is a big event for me. A special thanks, then, to the guy who gave CFNM Princess 1 out of 5 stars on Amazon, for this reason: "The female character in the story humiliates the male character. Yuck. I find this unappealing and I couldn't read anymore because I was so turned off." Yeah, well, guy, there is a kind of hint about the subject-matter in the title ...

Still, always nice to see someone going that extra mile to kick an indie author, especially at Christmas!

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Xmas decorations ...

It's Christmas Eve, folks, so I thought I'd add a few more last minute festive decorations to the site. There are already plenty of baubles on show, so how about an Xmas angel in the form of the super cute Bree Olson? Have a great holiday, everyone!

Friday, 23 December 2011

ExtremeCFNM Xmas Blog

My latest blog for ExtremeCFNM is now up. The theme: CFNM Xmas, what else! Reading back over it, I notice I've focussed almost exclusively on presents. Yes, Cassie Caine is that shallow.

Anyway, I now feel inspired to make this site look more festive, so here are a couple of Yuletide-themed pix featuring the lovely Dylan Ryder (those lips! as red as holly berries!) and a randy St. Nick all ready to empty his sack for her. Merry Christmas!

Only One Naked

What's this? Another Cassie Caine ebook, hot on the heels of CFNM Sugar Daddy? And, this time, not about CFNM? Well, I first issued Only One Naked a few months ago under another pen name, precisely because it isn't about CFNM. It does, though, cover two closely related fetishes - CFNF (Clothed Female Nude Female) and only one naked (or OON, as we kinksters like to call it.) Both of which are, in my humble opinion, super sexy.

CFNM is, for me, a very special fetish because it turns so many expectations and stereotypes on their heads. (A gorgeous, sexily dressed teen girl ogling and fondling the naked body of a middle aged man is a massive turn-on, but also wonderfully subversive, and therein lies the fun.)  But CFNF shares some of the same frisson, and has its own fascinating wrinkles (for instance, a plain girl stripping for a pretty one, or a milf baring all for a cheerleader type.) And OON  ramps up the clothed-unclothed contrast by having the naked person outnumbered, encircled, inspected from all sides.

Oh, and here's some CFNF from a Penthouse photoshoot ... nice!

Anyway, because the fetishes do have so much in common, and because I'm fond of this high-spirited little ebook, I'd decided to bring it under the Cassie Caine name. I hope you enjoy it, and do let me know if you'd like to read more stories concerning the textile-challenged heroine. More details below, and you can read an excerpt on the Samples page.

Talking of reading, Part 4 of the chain story Girl's Night In is now up -- you can find it on the Chain Story page, where there are also find links to Ardor's half of the tale.

Ever obliging, Maisie agrees to run her aunt's quaint old bookshop while she's away. However, the lovely 22-year-old redhead soon gets strange requests from some of her customers – requests which bring out her latent exhibitionist tendencies. Whether it's modelling for an art class or meeting some senior citizens, her adventures always end with Maisie as the only one naked.

If you love CFNF (Clothed Female, Nude Female) fun and the idea of one person naked in a crowd, then you'll relish Cassie Caine's sparkling, witty and highly explicit stories, featuring the first two of Maisie's adventures into solo nudity.

Length: 11,000 words approx (two short stories)

Available from Amazon for $2.99 approx.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Free ebook and other updates

What with it being the season of goodwill and all, I'm pleased to announce that my ebook, CFNM Princess, will be available FREE for one day from Amazon on 20th December. Seeing as it's set over the Christmas hols, this tasty little tale should make a perfect seasonal freebie (although the girl's true love gets her a strap-on rather than the traditional partridge in a pear tree, and the only golden ring in evidence is ... well, never mind.)

Also, Ardor has now written Part 3 of our chain story, Girl's Night In. You can find it here, and very titillating it is too.

In addition, I've added a scorchio new Femdom Gallery, featuring ultra-hot pix courtesy of those dommelicious babes at The English Mansion. Guys, these girls will turn you to jelly!

Lastly, a big holla to Jim MacDonald, a journalist and CFNM enthusiast par excellence hailing from Toronto. Check out this awesome dude on Twitter @bwnewshound. He's been posting all kinds of great pix such as the ones below. Naked guy, happy girls -- the CFNM spirit in a nutshell.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Blogging for ExtremeCFNM

Just to mention that I'll now be doing a fortnightly blog for ExtremeCFNM. It's a great site, so it's a pleasure to be associated with them. My first post has gone up today, it's about stripping and the title is "Top Down or Bottom Up?" Meanwhile, I'll keep on regularly updating the Gallery with steamy stripper party pix from ExtremeCFNM and its sister site LoverBoysUSA.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Kara Price - my kind of vixen

Occasionally I come across guys who seem to really struggle with the notion that a girl can be simultaneously young, gorgeous, outspoken, articulate and deeply, deeply depraved. Those guys should check out lovely porn starlet Kara Price, who is utterly exquisite, wickedly perverse and sharp as a pin. Kara has a red-hot site, and she's also planning to pen a blog. I for one can't wait to read the outpourings of her unique mind. Incidentally, she also writes verse -- wonder if she'll give us a poem about CFNM some day?

I'm very taken with this yummy starlet, and my new Yuletide fantasy is to wake up on Christmas morning to find an extra-large stocking at the foot of my bed with Kara wriggling around handcuffed inside it. Please, Santa, I've been such a good girl, honest  ...

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Chain story, CFNM poetry and thanks

A big thanks to everyone who rushed to buy CFNM SUGAR DADDY hot off the virtual press. Can't wait to get your feedback. One thing I'm wondering about is whether to branch out into other forms of erotica besides the CFNM theme -- any advice, guys?

My first entry in the chain story I'm writing with the lovely Ardor is now complete and can be found on the Chain Story page, along with a link to Part 1. Looks like it's going to be a lot of fun. Do please let us know what you think.

Lastly, I want to take this opportunity to hail Alexander the Poet, who sent me a link to these immortal lines of his. Could this be the first CFNM poem ever? History in the making, folks! Let me throw it out there that it would be such an honour if this Poet Laureate of Pervs were to write something about yours truly. Shouldn't be too hard. True, "Cassie" isn't easy to rhyme with, but "Cass" rhymes nicely with "ass", and "Caine" is a doddle ... pain, domain, bane, something about a girl called Elaine. Over to you, my beautiful bearded bard!

Friday, 9 December 2011

CFNM Sugar Daddy

My new ebook CFNM SUGAR DADDY is now available on Amazon, priced $3.50 approx. It's a glam and kinky rags to riches tale, kind of like Pretty Woman, but with salad tossing and girl-on-boy sodomy. You can find the first chapter on the Samples page, and there are more details below ...

Skye works as a stripper in a rough London pub, but her world is turned upside down when she meets Simon, a wealthy older man and CFNM (Clothed Female, Nude Male) addict, who pays the lovely 19-year-old to sit and watch while he strips for her. Soon, Simon is introducing Skye to the pleasures of champagne, fine dining, five star hotels and the opera – CFNM style!

The gorgeous teen quickly develops a passion for the fetish, and for her naked sugar daddy. But how to take the relationship to the next level? Cue a sexy jaunt to the Seychelles … and a 9-inch strap-on …

With an adorable heroine, a cast of colourfully perverse characters, luxury locations and wickedly hot sex scenes, CFNM SUGAR DADDY is the most ambitious tale yet from CASSIE CAINE, author of CFNM PRINCESS and CFNM GODDESS.

Available from Amazon for $3.50 approx.

Monday, 5 December 2011


November was the best month yet for sales of my ebooks, and fingers crossed December should be just as good, thanks to my wonderful readers. If you've enjoyed my stories or know someone who would, please spread the word – it makes all the difference. (And by the way, CFNM PRINCESS is set over the Christmas hols, so why not give a copy to your partner as a cheeky seasonal gift guaranteed to jingle those bells?)

Meanwhile, I'll be working hard on this blog, expanding the content with regular posts and saucy pix from the bulging archives of ExtremeCFNM and LoverBoysUSA – pix that make me want to get down on my knees and give thanks in my own special way.

This month I'll also be writing a chain story with sizzling hot erotica author Ardor. Can't wait to see what happens when two great minds (alright, dirty minds) mingle their fantasies and fetishes.

Finally, December will see the release of my next ebook. If you've been following me on Twitter, you will probably have seen the juicy snippets I've been tweeting, so you know it'll be super steamy. The title? The storyline? Stay tuned ...

Has no one told this naughty boy that it's rude to point?

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Experience versus Imagination

I often receive messages from guys offering to hook up with me. My favourite was from one particular penpal, who pointed out that my erotic stories must need a lot of “research” and he'd be only too happy to help. It conjured up an hilarious image in my mind of the sexy young authoress staggering weak-kneed to her laptop, her hair and lipstick mussed and her den strewn with the bodies of exhausted “researchers.”

Of course, this begs the question – just how much real experience goes into my books? The answer is that they're a mixture of experience and imagination. The storylines and many of the situations are made up, but I draw on first-hand knowledge for some of the, er, more intimate details.

And how deep is that first-hand knowledge? Well, I've been lucky enough to have had some interesting experiences over the last couple of years, but I'm nowhere near to living the sort of CFNM lifestyle I sometimes dream about. I'm no expert. Just an ordinary girl with some kinky ideas.

I must admit, though, ever since my penpal's suggestion, I've occasionally entertained myself with another little fantasy. A publisher pays me a huge advance to write a CFNM blockbuster, so I pack a Louis Vuitton case and go on a tour of the fleshpots in search of the most handsome, most eligible and most naked guys the world has to offer … Into Naked Boys: One Girl's Strap-on Confessions … Dream on, Cassie.

Now, where are those naked boys?

Friday, 2 December 2011

That boinnggg moment

Today I've been perving over this pic from the cool LoverboysUSA site. Yes, I know you can't see his bits, but I like it anyway, because it captures that oh so magical moment when the guy's underwear is coming down and his throbber is poised to spring out like a beast in the jungle.

For any girl into this kind of thing, it's always a subject of supreme wonderment, the way something that has hitherto been mashed inside a posing pouch can, in an instant, shake off its kinks and becomes something you can really get your teeth into.

Another reason I like this pic is because it illustrates an important style tip. Girls, forget Birkin bags and designer sunglasses. If you want to look good, a naked man is the perfect accessory. The chick in this pic looks HOT. - the springy curves of her back, butt and thighs, that glimpse of tummy (sorry, went all les there.)

I also like the way her precious little boobies are gently brushing against his upper thighs. We can't see the stripper's face, but I wouldn't be surprised if his eyes were rolled back into their sockets.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Cock-Grabbing in Rio, or ...?


Came across this great pic on Naked Men, Happy Women. It'd make an awesome book cover - but for what book? Maybe "Cock-Grabbing in Rio" --

It was carnival time, but fiesty 18-year-old Latina Paloma had only one thing on her mind, getting that big, chunky dick out of Roberto's surprisingly capacious underpants. Then, one day, she saw Roberto standing there sniffing himself, and seized her chance ...

Seriously, though, I love the sultry, heat-drenched atmosphere, the chiselled hunkiness of the guy and the cuteness of the girl, the couple getting busy in the background, and the tenderly awkward way the guy's erection is poking out of the leg of his undies. Does it for me!

Love to hear other suggestions for titles and synopses ...

CFNM Princess Reader Review

Just thought I'd share this lovely review of CFNM Princess from the Smashwords site. Big thanks to the wonderful Aussie Scribbler for penning it. I'm doubly thankful, as for some reason folks seem quite shy of reviewing my little books (either that, or they can't think of anything nice to say about em - eek!) If you've read one of my stories and you're humming and hahhing about whether to review it, can I just say - in my best sultry seductress voice - that I'd be so very, very, very grateful ...?

Here's what he wrote:

I loved this book! Cassie Caine's enthusiasm for CFNM really comes through in the story of Michelle as she discovers the excitement of holding power over a naked man. I think this is what makes CFNM so exciting for men like myself is the idea of women being as voyeuristic as ourselves and using men as sex objects. So reading about how much Michelle is aroused by what she is instigating is as much of a turn-on as the sex itself.

I have to admit that, while I love CFNM situations in general, I'm not actually that keen on the full-on humiliation, sissification and pegging which can accompany it. So it is a credit to the author's talent as a writer that when these elements appear in the story I didn't find it off-putting. I loved the character of Michelle which was expressed in these scenes, I was amused by the humorous details and I was held by the story as a story, wanting to know what was going to happen next.

And, while there were those scenes which involved things happening to the main male character that I wouldn't want to happen to me, there were also scenes which very much appealed to my own personal fantasies and which were extremely arousing. And there is a sweetness, playfulness and tenderness underneath it all which is very winning.

I'll definitely be reading more of Cassie Caine's writing.